Monday, May 28, 2012

PFW F/H 2012: Michael Cinco for Bench

During the last season of Philippine Fashion Week, there was only one designer who really stood out from the crowd for me: Michael Cinco.

L'Oreal Presents Michael Cinco was actually the very first show I had ever watched for Philippine Fashion Week, so I find it very fitting that his show was the last one that I watched for Philippine Fashion Week this time around. However, instead of setting the bar for all of the other shows this season, he provided the perfect show to cap it all off - and I couldn't have asked for more.

The minute we walked into the Function Room, I already had high expectations. The set was, to put it simply: ethereal - like something taken out of a fairytale dream.

When the show began, I couldn't stop ooh-ing and aah-ing at the sight of the beauty of the gowns that each model wore. Every single one of them was a stunning work of art that enticed the senses and captivated the eyes of everybody in the audience.

I also fell in love with one of the models. Hee! Here she is:

Sooooo pretty!

Sorry, was that overkill? Did I overdo it with the photos? Sorry, I couldn't help it. She was the absolute epitome of perfection for me.

Here are the rest of the gowns from Michael Cinco's gorgeous new collection:

Gotta love the details!

Sexy yet elegant silhouettes.

Real fairytale princess material.

Stunning backless designs.

And, of course, the two gorgeous models that everybody in the room was dying to see both looked as stunning as ever in Michael Cinco's creations: Dominique Reighard and Allison Harvard of America's Next Top Model.

The show didn't end there, though. As with the L'Oreal show last season, Michael Cinco capped things off with hot men in underwear - this time from Bench Body. Yum yum. I fell in love with one of the male models, too. ;)

Distracting, eh?

And here is my male model lover:

You pretty much know my type of guys by now, huh? :p

Congratulations, Michael Cinco and Bench, for such an amazingly breathtaking show! Nothing will ever compare... at least not until next Fashion Week. ;)


  1. Um, wow! Lol. The dresses are gorgeous, too. Haha.

  2. I want Allison's dress! <3

  3. Michael Cinco is G O O D ! ! !

    But I hate it when they squish the boobs like that.

  4. The gowns are to die for! Sexy but still classy. I have to agree that Jasmine Maierhoffer's really gorgeous! =)

  5. Allison! <3 She's so pretty! I love the gowns! Very gorgeous, right?

  6. i'm so inlove with the gowns!!! <3.<3

  7. the first model is jasmine maeirhoffer :)

    great show :)

  8. WOW the dresses are so stunning! Can't believe how amazing they are <3

  9. love the close up shot of Allison Harvard! ang swerte!!

  10. Saw Michael Cinco at PhFW last Saturday but failed to get a photo op (kainis si hubs na nagmamadali). Anyway, the collection is so beautiful. Too bad I wasn't able to watch this show. Exhausting din kasi yun sunod-sunod. Honestly, I still got a headache this afternoon dahil sa fashion week na yan. Haha.

  11. Thanks for sharing, love your blog. A new follower :)

  12. i didn't make it to the PFW! OM, you saw these gorgeous ANTM finalists, kakaingget naman!

  13. Swoon! Those gowns are gorgeous! I wish I were there!