Friday, May 11, 2012

A Peek in Forever 21 at SM North: The Block

The best part about blogger's events only happens after the actual event. Well, after the Forever 21 Launch in SM North Edsa, we all headed into the store to check out the goodies. And, boy, I saw a looot of goodies that I wanted.

Naturally, the first section that we all flocked over to was the SHOES section. :p

Gorgeous selections! Little did I know I'd be getting an awesome pair of shoes myself later that night. :)

Want both the yellow and the blue ones.

As mentioned in my Style Icons x I Love Koi Launch blog post, I always take a vanity break by a mirror. Here I am taking one with Krissy Cruz of I am Krissy this time.

Loving the barbie peg heels and the feather top!

Haha. Scandalous? Check out Pax's face! :p


Was so ready to buy it, even if it wasn't in my size, but no one wanted to wait in line with me... :( So I let it go... :(

Also love the back details of this top and, since I collect band shirts, I NEED THAT PINK FLOYD ONE IN MY LIFE.

Forever 21: one of the reasons why I am broke and in debt. Lol.

Since no one wanted to stand in line and pay for purchases - there were sooo many people there! - we decided to go eat at Gerry's Grill and I vowed to go to Megamall and look for my dream shorts. After all, they might have it in my actual size there.

Here's a sneak peek of what we're like outside of events...

Haha. Seriously. That photo is the epitome of bloggers-outside-of-the-blogging-world. :)

And, of course, the highlight of my night was when Paul gave me my belated birthday gift, my Wonder Woman Chucks. And here is The PR Guy himself in all-Superman garb:

Cute namin, noh? :p

Definitely one of those unexpected I'm-so-happy-if-I-die-now-it'd-be-fine days. :) Thanks for reading! Now, who wants to accompany me while I hoard stuff at Forever 21? No, Kelly, not you. I'll be broke in 10 minutes if I go with you. :p


  1. I agree. F21 is also the reason why i'm always dead broke. Lol

  2. I'm part of the goodies you wanted hahahaha ;D
    Stealing the photo for my OoTD post (which is suuuuuuper delayed), btw! Thanks Angel! :)

  3. Open na pala to! Will check it out on Sunday!

  4. looks like such a fun event! I'm so sad I missed the bloggers event they had here in LA!


  5. Ayoko pumunta. Ngayon pa lang ako nakakapagipon. Hahaha! xP

  6. Bought a polka dot dress from F21 The Block. :D And Forever21 is also one of the reasons why my credit card bill shoots like a rocket every billing period. :P

    I'm so excited when F21 Mall of Asia opens. I hope I'll get invites like you too. :D