Saturday, May 12, 2012

Havaianas: MYOH 2012 Launch Night

Thanks to Paul The PR Guy, I was able to go to the Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) 2012 launch night as his date plus one. And thanks to Paul yet again, I have another pair of Wonder Woman inspired footwear to add to my shoe wheel... my second pair. The first of which was this - also courtesy of Paul.

When we got to Rockwell Tent for the event, it was already jam-packed with people, all drinking, chatting and standing around with pens in their hands, trying to come up with the best ways to design their own customized pairs.

To help some people out, there were shoe wheels like this around the venue, so you could see how different strap colors would look with different sole colors:

We were also able to enjoy watching sand art done live, which I was absolutely enthralled and amazed by:

They went from this... this... this! So. Cool.

We were also able to enjoy some jazz tunes!

The saxophone reminded me of Catch G. :p

We got to watch some Zumba!

I was so game to go up on-stage but wasn't invited. :(

And cheerleading!

This brought back a lot of memories.
Fun fact: I was a cheerleader in high school. Ahem.

And, of course, a toast to Havaianas' fifty colorful years!

And then it was on to the main event... making our very own customized pairs of Havaianas.

Loving the colors and pins that Ana Gonzales of The Fashionista Commuter chose! :)

Paul went for all-black coz of his upcoming GQ post.

Of course, Kelly Medina of The Traveling Boots went for neon colors! :p

And of course I went for Wonder Woman colors! They probably remind you of Superman right now, but wait 'til you see the finished product! :)

One of the "Havaianas miracle workers" (as I dubbed them), putting the straps on the soles.

Another one of the Havaianas miracle workers putting pins onto the straps.

Tired bloggers! Love how their shoes match their blogs. Ana in flats (commuter) and Kelly in (traveling) boots. Boom.

(left) Kelly with his new Havs, ready for Bora!
(right) Ana with her pretty bow tie Havs and Paul = epal. :p

And here are my ultra wonderful Wonder Woman inspired Havaianas! :D

Damn straight that's a Sailor Moon pin!

And, since he invited me and all, here's what Paul's cool Havs look like. I am also posting this, so that you know I am not the only vain blogger in the blogosphere, branding my alter ego on my flip flops... :p

Want to make your own customized Havaianas, too? Then get to it! You still have time! Just head on over to the Rockwell Tent today or tomorrow and come up with your very own cool Havaianas flip flops - vain branding optional. :p

Special thanks to Havaianas Philippines and Geiser Maclang for having us!


  1. AAAHH I LOVE THE SAILOR MOON PIN. oo, kailangan all caps, hahaha.

    boat ride through the sky

  2. i like the saxophone also..
    happy mother day to u ya ..

  3. love the wonder woman havaianas :))

  4. ang cute lang ng customized slippers mo! :)
    very you. :)

  5. looks like you had such fun!! :)) love the sandals you designed eheh

  6. wow, interesting post =) thanks for sharing them hun ^^

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  7. love how your slippers turned out. i would totally add 'oomph' to my slippers if i had the opportunity!!! looks like a fun event.


  8. ooooh nice! i want my own pink banannie havvies too!

  9. Gosh. I came in so late I missed out seeing almost all the bloggers. I only bumped into Ana. Hope I get to meet you soon :)