Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Suri Cruise: A Goody Special

Everybody Most fashionable moms know that it was Suri Cruise's birthday last month. Well, aside from sharing the same birth month as her and aside from me having had a huge crush on her father since I was her age, there is another thing you need to know about my "relationship" with Suri Cruise: I am absolutely obsessed with her fashion sense. So much so that I get absolutely frustrated whenever my own daughter decides to put on a sando and jeans when we go out instead of a pretty dress.

Yes, instead of a Suri Cruise, I have a Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in the house. In fact, Syrena and Shiloh both have the same hair length right now, too. Sigh.

However, after reading all of Goody's tweets and seeing all of Goody's pictures of Suri Cruise last month, I am now on a mission to turn my baby girl into a real girly girl this year - or whenever her hair grows out - and have compiled all of Goody's tweets here for my future reference - and for the reference of every other fashionable mom out there who is currently raising a tomboyish daughter...

Things Baby S Will Need
(just in case she decides to come out of that boyish shell)

1. Low Heels and Wedges
(and apparently a lot of red)

kecil² udh pake heels loh (⌣́_⌣̀)‎​  #suricruise on Twitpic #SuriCruise cracks me up! Such a little #fashionista! on Twitpic amo a esta mini fashionista #SuriCruise on Twitpic Hm.. Bukanny anak kecil ga blh pake heels yah meski cuma bbrp... on Twitpic

2. Pretty Summer Dresses

One minute it's dry, the next minute it's wet! #Sur... on Twitpic Mini fashionista #SuriCruise goes to the beach too, and look ... on Twitpic

3. A Winning Smile

awwww #SuriCruise on Twitpic Envy her. Super duper Cute lang! Perfect Genes from parents e... on Twitpic

And since this is a post inspired by Goody and with pictures compiled from Goody's Twitter account, here are some things that Baby S will eventually need for her hair:

1. A Floral Headband

We just love how #SuriCruise dresses fashionably with her cut... on Twitpic Good morning! How about a Spring-tastic flower headband like ... on Twitpic Swamped with work? Take a break and wear a cute flower headba... on Twitpic Look seriously stylish by wearing a cute flower headband and ... on Twitpic

2. A Hat
(for bad hair days)

#SuriCruise saliendo de su departamento en Nueva York http://... on Twitpic

3. Bunny Ears
(which mommy will borrow every now and then)

Happy Easter to all our Goody Girls! Wear a cute bunny headba... on Twitpic

4. Mini Claw Clips

Cutie #SuriCruise wears mini claw clips while with her teddy!... on Twitpic  Mini fashionista #SuriCruise is jumpstarts the weekend with h... on Twitpic

5. Fishtail Braids

Mini fashionista #SuriCruise shows dainty by wearing a braide... on Twitpic So why not try a braided fishtail in this hot summer weather?... on Twitpic

To be honest, I can't braid anybody's hair but my own to save my life, but hey, practice makes perfect, right? ;)

Follow Goody on Twitter for great hair tips and tricks, and like them on Facebook to see their products in more detail. :) Are you a Goody user?


  1. I think it's strange that she wears heels...

  2. I love Suri too! I'm a big fan! :-) so glad to have found another filipino blogger, followed you!


  3. I love Suri! So girly girl! :)) I'm sure baby S will be like that, seeing that her mommy is fashionable too :) I don't know about kitten heels though.. haha! :p

  4. never heard of it but Suri is so adorable, omg! she is perfect :)

  5. i love suri!! she is seriously the cutest little girl ever! :D


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  7. the baby girl in the picture is perfectly adorable. ;-)
    nice!. just followed yah.
    care to visit mine ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

  8. Suri is adorable. Good luck with making your daughter more into girly style.

  9. She's so cute, looks like her mom more than her dad. =)

  10. Aahhhhh! I HAVE A HUGE CRUSH ON SURI ♥ I love the way she smiles whenever there's a paparazzi following her :D

  11. I love Suri. I love her mom. And her dad.
    And Goody, too. <3<3<3

  12. Suri is cute!!! Thank you for following me! Following you as well!



  13. Suri is such a fashionista! I love her style!

  14. She's sooo cuuute!!! x

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  16. she is sooo adorable! This is the cutest post!

  17. hahah I love how kid fashion posts are happening now haha she is so cute! I want to dress my future little girl like that. how fun! I love this wonderwoman theme here too haha I've been her for halloween the past couple years! love it

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  18. wow! great post! :))

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  19. best of luck with your quest on transforming your lil girl to a real girly girl :) Nice fashion icon to idolize too! Suri is such a fashionista at a young age, thanks to parents who can give her EVERYTHING! :P

  20. Definitely a stylish little girl!


  21. She is adorable! Great blog! Following you :)


  22. I'm also in love with that little girl..so fashionable:)

  23. Suri Cruise looks darling but I can't help but to think she must be high maintenance and fussy!

  24. Suri is adorable but I really don't think heels, even if they are low, are appropriate for a little girl. I agree with Aki that she looks like she might be very high maintenance.