Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lookbook.nu Look: You Say

Last night, I watched the Philippine Fashion Week Fall/Holiday 2012 show of The Ramp Crossings, and I brought my good friend Jacob Gayanelo of The Media Lighthouse, with me - thanks, Vina and Dan! :)

It was kinda cute coz it was Jacob's first time to go to fashion week and he was really excited and nervous, so I actually had to go over to his house and help him find something to wear. Unfortunately, his closet was close to empty (*cough* someone sponsor some clothes for him, please *cough* :p ) and this is all we came up with:

Cute lil school boy peg? :p

You gotta admit: he still looked pretty darned good, right?

In fact, I stopped trying to count how many head-turns he got and how many girly screams I heard coz of him during the day. I'm not entirely immune to it yet (in fact, I feel kinda territorial, to be honest), but I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually. :p

Jacob in full blogger mode, taking detailed shots of his watch. I love it! :p

And now to more boring things: me and my outfit of the day. Lol.

black sex bands from Bangkok
animal print pants from Forever 21
suede heel-less shoes from SM Parisian x Rajo Laurel

shimmery top from Forever 21
necklace from House of Luxe
earrings from That Quaint Store

Sorry that's all the photos I have of my outfit. See, the guy who took my outfit shots *ahem* was much vainer than me, so we mostly took photos of him. *ahem* ...Yes, I mean Jacob. Haha. Hope you enjoyed the eye candy in this post! Have a great day ahead! :)


  1. love your shoes talaga and the pants! ;)

  2. Jacob looks soooo cute!!:)) I love your look too! especially the shoes! :D


  3. nice outfit especially the animal pants... :)

  4. oh yeah he is cute nga hehe, btw i was there at The Ramp show too!:) Sayang we didn't meet hehe :)

  5. Jacob is kyoot. I love your pants. :)

  6. hi sis, i've been there too, pero di kita nakita, naghahanap nga ako ng mga bloggers na kakilala eh... di kita napansin, hehe! by the the way your necklace and shoes is so cute,, and most of all... ang wafu nman Jacob! awww... hot!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  7. Gorgeous babe! Love your look and your friends look too!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  8. Ang lakas maka lady gaga ng sapatos! cool ^__^

  9. Nice outfit! I love your shoes! =)

    ... And he is cute.. Haha!