Friday, November 9, 2012

Around the World in Small Plates

Last night, Ira and I attended Lifestyle Network and Nestle's charity dinner event for the benefit of the ICanServe Foundation, Inc. Wittily called "Around the World in Small Plates", this unique charity tasting event was definitely one for the books.

At Rockwell Tent, we were taken on a tour around the world through off-the-menu specials made by the country's top chefs. Lifestyle Network intended to create a mouthwatering menu that showcased different local and international cuisines, and we definitely weren't let down.

Here are some of my favorites of the night:

Chilled Shredded Assorted Mushroom and Crab Meat
By Chef Christopher Chai

Although too cold to bite into and too big to shove into your mouth the way you would a California Maki, I loved this dish coz I'm a sucker for mushrooms and I'm a sucker for crab meat. Although it was the first dish that I tasted when I got there, it was still one of the ones that I couldn't stop thinking of by the time that we left.

Hummus Gangnam Style
By Chef JJ Yulo and Chef Namee Jorolan

This dish didn't just intrigue me by name, it intrigued me by appearance. Unlike regular hummus, this one was salmon colored and came with healthy greens to be eaten with. A whole new take on hummus that worked and left me craving for more.

Braised Veal Sweet Bread with Pan Fried Rougie Duck Liver and Mushroom Risotto, Parsley Cream Foam
By Chef Cyrille Soenen

This was hands-down my favorite dish at the event. If it was possible to eat a ton of duck liver without getting sick, I would most probably do it in the form of this dish. Of course, it was also a plus that I got to hear Ira speak in French at their booth. :p I love having multilingual friends!

Modernist Caprese Salad
By Chef Carlo Miguel

Although I have to admit that I was a bit let-down that the chef wasn't Italian (I was looking forward to hearing Ira speak Italian, y'see), I do have to admit that this is the most interesting dish that I came across at the event. A caprese salad without all of the crazy greens hitting you in the face? Yes, please!

Noritaco with Green Mango Pomelo and Watercress Salad
By Chef Romy Dorotan and Amy Besa

Another interesting dish that we came across last night was this Noritaco - a fresh take on tacos that used nori seaweed as the taco shell. I had difficulties deciding how to eat this, but Ira got it right: just eat it like a normal taco. You'll even get the same half-of-it-is-falling-on-my-plate effect. :p

For dessert, I was able to taste a scoop of Nutella Latte by the Fog City Creamery that I absolutely loved, but this was my favorite dessert of the night:

By Chef Christine Marie Sumera

All I have to say is that sweets lovers and butter lovers will love this dessert. Delicious!

Although we walked in a little worried that we wouldn't get full because of the tasting portions available at the event, we ended up not visiting all of the stations anymore because we were just that full. :p

A great event for a cause with an interesting concept, great venue, good music and great company! I can't wait for the next one! :) Thank you so much for having us!

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