Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BuyTrends: Your One-Stop Shop for Fashion

What do you do to unwind and clear your head after a long, busy and stressful day? Personally, I like to listen to music, watch "Mad Men", text my boyfriend and *excuse me for being so materialistic* online-shop.

I have to say it, though: buying pretty things online that I don't usually see when I'm walking around the mall gives me this sheer sense of utter satisfaction. And it helps that I can get all of my shopping done online with just a few simple clicks.

In this blog post, I thought I'd incorporate all of the other things that I like to do to unwind and clear my head while shopping at BuyTrends, my new favorite online haven for all things fashionable. :)

I like to listen to music.

Rock music has always been my lifesaver. This pretty much explains my taste in clothes, in general. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not much of a girly girl and I always wear something studded, spiked or black in color whenever I go out.

While browsing through BuyTrends, though, I came across this girly dress that I surprisingly want to buy:

To tone down its girliness, I'd prolly wear it with these spikey black pumps, though, which are TO DIE FOR!!!

I like to watch "Mad Men".

If you don't watch "Mad Men", then you are seriously missing half of your life. Anyway, "Mad Men" is set in the 1960s where men ruled the world, cigarettes could be smoked anywhere (no exaggerations!) and women slept around.

The men also wear sexy suits, which I was reminded of when I saw this cute pair of shoes on BuyTrends:

Since I can't really pull off the kind of polka dot dresses that were reminiscent of the 60s, though, I think a more modern take on polka dots like this would be a better choice for me:

I like to text my boyfriend.

If you follow me on Twitter, you should know that I'm the cheesiest woman alive at the moment. So, it only makes sense that I check out couple's outfits online every now and then, if only just for kicks. :p

Contrary to popular belief, although Gerd and I have taken a few couple's outfit shots (I've blogged about one of them here), we don't make it a point to be too couple-y. However, I found this utterly cute:

Tee hee! And OMG, look at this:

Haha. I know the chances of me getting Gerd to dress up like that with me are next to nil, but hey, the pajamas are super cute and it won't be too cheesy if we wear them separately (me in my condo and him at home and then Skype!!!), right? :p

These are just some of the things that caught my fancy on BuyTrends lately. I'm still in the process of browsing their site. They currently have a sale ongoing of up to 80% off, so I'm making the most if it! Don't forget to check it out yourself and tell me which items you love, too! :)


  1. very nice brand! =)))) their products are cute. hihi

    Rae :3

  2. well i agree some of the best clothes or items can be found only
    i love that panda couple shirt