Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Look: The Lazy One

Do you ever have those days where you just feel, well... lazy?!? Kind of like in that Bruno Mars song? That song is the soundtrack of my life right now.

I feel lazy quite a lot. This explains why my condo is always a mess, why I tend to leave home later than usual lately, and why I dress like a bum more often than not.

Case in point: the day Gerd and I decided to bum around Alabang Town Center on Halloween. I had realized earlier that day that my gift certificates from events were piling up like never before, so we spent the day using them up.

Since I couldn't find any FILA shoes that I liked, though, we got him a pair of basketball shoes instead. I also got myself the Yenzi owl bag from Accessorize that I had been looking for for forever. And we pigged out at Stackers (I looooove their rootbeer float!) ALL FOR FREE!!! Woot woot!!! Bums for life!!! Hahaha.

Anyway, this is what I wore that very lazy day (special thanks to Gerd for taking my photos, even though you made fun of my old-school camera a lot that day :p):

black sheer top from Forever 21

As you can see, we started taking these shots with my signature head-tilt and half-smile. But, apparently, Gerd didn't like that.

black fedora hat from Bangkok
glasses from Gerd Perez :)

So we ended up with random candid shots of me being the total loser geek that I am. (Secret's out! :p)

red leathery pants from Cotton On
yellow flats and blue flats from Manels

Side story: when I was shopping at Manels' VIP sale, I couldn't decide whether I should get these flats in blue or yellow. So, being the impulsive shopper that I am, I got both.

And, sometimes I wear them mis-matched, like in this outfit. What do you think? :p Can I only get away with this on Halloween or can I do it more often? Be honest!!! Lol.

And look: in the end, Gerd actually coaxed a smile out of me! :p

To be honest, there were quite a lot of epic fails involved that day, including wrong shoes and no returns, lost Pastels, lost us in Festival Mall (which is never a good thing! I HATE THAT PLACE!!!), a lack of transportation home, and a water fight that led to broken glass in my knee... :p

But, you know, in the end, there were a lot of amazing things that happened that day, such as the mere fact that I was able to spend the entirety of it with Gerd. And, you know, that's really all that I need to be happy right now, I just realized. #lilmisscheeseballs

What does it take to make you happy? :)


  1. Awww looks like you had a great time!
    I super love the outfit! You are very pretty.


  2. I love the mismatched shoes! :)

  3. Wow! you look so happy :)I guess true happiness yan! I love the sheer top :)


  4. Oh cool! I like how you paired different colored flats together! I can never wear that sheer a top, but you pulled it off! You look really happy in these photos :D

  5. your top is adorable but I can't go out without a tank top underneath. hehe. I also like r mismatched shoes :)


  6. Gurl you are serving us major audacity chicness at its finest and i LOVE it! Kudos to you for pulling off that mismatched flats situation.

  7. Hahha minsan nawawala din ako sa Festival. Cute outfit by the way :)

  8. ay nagpapa-uso ng trend! "Mismatched shoes" HAHAHAHAHHAHA XD
    love love the color combination of this look Angel

    Michael Macalos