Friday, November 23, 2012

Surf Fabric Conditioner: Now with Aromatherapy

Yes, you read that right. Surf's latest line of fabric conditioners comes with aromatherapy. But I'll get to that later.

When Fuentes Manila invited me to the launch of Surf's new fabric conditioners a few months ago, I was intrigued because they mentioned that we would be getting spa services and treatments at the launch.

Before going, I racked my head trying to figure out what spa services and treatments had to do with fabric conditioner. But when I got to Aracama at the Fort for the launch, all of the questions in my head automatically vanished because this is what we were greeted by:

Brochures of various spas to visit.

Free hand massages, which Jacky and Catch were clearly enjoying, as you can see.

Head massages, which Verge and Lorenz were clearly enjoying, as you can see.

And back massages, which I sadly wasn't able to enjoy coz I was wearing a skirt that day. :( I hate being unprepared! Lol. (Outfit post next time!)

After the epic massages, we went on to have dinner while waiting for the program to start. When it did, we were presented with the latest line of Surf fabric conditioners along with this epic television commercial, which is hands down the best TVC I had seen in a very long while:

It's so simple, yet it's so witty and gets the message across in a heartbeat. EPIC. Just by watching this commercial, you will already know full well what Surf currently has to offer.

In case you need me to break it down for you anyway, here we go: Surf's new aromatherapy fabric conditioners can relax, energize and purify you as it has essential oils in it that are known to be very therapeutic.

With the new Surf aromatherapy fabric conditioners, you won't just end up with clothes that are soft and smell great, but you can enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic experience every time you do the laundry with them, too. (They actually smell so good, I contemplated turning them into condo fresheners. #truth)

They also had a raffle after the event, and I am proud to say that we all went home with a prize that night (except Verge LOL). The "loot bags" were unforgettable, too:

Jacob carrying two "loot bags".
Epic night! Haha.

The Surf aromatherapy fabric conditioners come in three variants: relaxing, energizing and purifying - and they come in 800ml bottles and pouches, 360ml pouches and 25ml sachets.


  1. wow naman my spa na my loot bags pa happy for you

  2. Thanks for posting this! God bless.

  3. Ang cool naman nito may giveaways sila =) How was it? nakita kodin ito sa (, pero hindi ko pa sure kung oorder ako kasi nag hahanap palang ako ng mga reviews tungkol sa Aromatheraphy kung relaxing din talaga. Anyways, Thank you sis!

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