Saturday, November 17, 2012 Look: Giddy.

I'll be posting a more personal post later tonight along with *dun dun dunnn* couple's outfit shots with Gerd (smaller font coz I'm shy). But, for now, let me show you what I wore on one of our random dates last week:

black wifebeater from Bangkok
denim button-down top from Folded and Hung

blue pleated skirt from F-Stop
brown suede booties from Celine
black leather bag from Jimmy Choo

studded black headband from SuperSale Bazaar
round brown tortoise shell sunglasses from my dad's closet

...if you guys only knew how long and far I've searched for a studded headband!!! Ergh! I actually wanted one with bigger studs, but desperators can't be choosers. (Ignore my weird ear, please.)

black bolt necklace from Hardwear
black studded cuff from House of Luxe
black and gold spiked cuff from House of Luxe

Studs and spikes are love. <3

silver tie necklace from Bangkok

Gerd kept teasing me about how "Fifty Shades of Grey" my necklace was. Hahaha. Was actually planning on selling this, but now that I see the Christian Grey factor, I think I'll keep it, so I have something to wear when/if the movie ever comes out. :p

I'm sure you can tell who took these photos after seeing the next one:

Genuine smile FTW!!!

Thank you, Gerd, for the photos... and the endless search for Dippin' Dots. Did you guys know that shit is still around? After 11 years?!?? Cray! It's hella overpriced now, though, but still: well worth the long search. :) Yeah. It was a good day. :)

Will be posting our couple shots tonight, so stay tuned! Who's excited? Haha. :D


  1. Denim overload! Lurve it :) Happy for you and your guy :)


  2. you look so happy! :) happy for you! :)

  3. cute ng outfit it compliments each other