Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Pink Fashion Video Experience (GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!)

The girls and I had been hearing and talking about having this particular video shoot for Pink Fashion for months, but it never actually came to fruition until a couple of months ago.

There was definitely a lot of craziness involved in the shoot:

- getting to the venue (Lamesa Ecopark!) before anybody else with Megann, even though we had come all the way from the South
- eating tilapia with her at some random mosquito-filled place while waiting
- watching and feeling our expensive heels turn muddy and gross
- being surprised with unexpected rain and deflated balloons near the end of the shoot

But, hey, watching Rovie walk to her car at the end of the day barefoot the video and hearing about the success of Julie's launch was all worth it in the end. :)

Here are some of the behind-the-scene photos taken that day:

All of the photos were taken from Julie's blog.
And all of the clothes are from Pink Fashion Shoppe.

Pretend like you're having a great time reading the magazine together. Roll camera.

Walk straight down the slopey hill in your heels. Roll camera.

 Laugh like you aren't having a hard time walking that way in your heels at all. Roll camera.

Watch Rovie make light of the situation. :) Roll camera.

Take a break and text your crush to convince him to go to Mercato after your video shoot. Roll camera.

Blow some bubbles and play with them. Roll camera.

Be silly with Miss Monday. :) Roll camera.

Teach each other how bubbles work. :p Roll camera.

Release the balloons. Roll camera.

And here, my lovelies, is the final outcome:

Thank you so much, Julie, for this experience.
What did you guys think of the video? :)

Now, as much as I love all of the dresses of Pink Fashion Shoppe, I have to admit that florals and bright colors simply aren't me. So, the entire time we were filming the second half of the video, I actually felt like I was a floral rainbow gone wrong.

Therefore, if you are a girly girl (unlike me) and can imagine yourself rocking what I'm wearing in the second half of the photos, you're in luck coz you can win that outfit (the floral top and orange shorts) right now! Here's how:

1. Follow my blog on GFC.
2. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you deserve to win the outfit.

Easy, right? Best answer wins in one week (November 15)! :)


  1. I deserve to win this because I love floral, I love the short eventhough I don't like the color of orange. Everytime I wear floral I felt I am too flowery that many butterflies court me! haha,. weird! THANKS FOR THIS GIVEAWAY! @mar_ian21

  2. looks like everyone had so much fun :) nice photographs dear :D thank you for your comments!

  3. Cute photos! And the video was fun to watch too!! :)


    I think I deserve to win that outfit because I am such a girly girl! It's very youthful, fun, and colorful, too. Plus, I think winning this outfit would help me update my wardrobe for school. Haha! It sucks not having a uniform. :))

    Thanks for this giveaway!


  4. I deserve to win because I'm open to trying out new things. I'm the kind of girl who goes for the basics and sometimes, it can be a tad bit boring. I haven't tried wearing anything floral, and if I win, I'll be able to get a chance to try out something new for a change! ^_^



    My Suesh Giveaway ( open internationally too )


  5. I deserve to win that outfit because I have a lab class 2 times a week which requires me to wear pants so having a new set of outfit can make me look forward for wednesdays and fridays when I can finally wear shorts and something nicer! Also, not having a uniform really sucks so I really need to have a lot of clothes which I can mix and match with my other clothes. :))

    Kara Amanda C. Macadangdang

  6. My friends and I had our "just for fun" photoshoot too at the LaMesa EcoPark and we're all from the South too. :))) I deserve to win the outfit you wore because first: I am not a girly girl but I am not afraid to try something new (e.g: wear something out of my comfort zone). Second, I want to see myself rock the "girl spot" in me more through the said outfit. :)

  7. I deserve to win that outfit because stay-at-home moms like me needs to dress pretty and girly too. I always wear shorts and jeans and sometimes I feel uncomfortable with them. I need to wear dress now every Sunday because it's our first time to go to church as a family. For more than 25 years of my life, I don't know if it's blessing in disguise that my father got sick and is undergoing dialysis. Because of his condition, we always go to church every Sunday and have a family bonding every week.

    Kath Rivera

  8. I deserve to win that super fabulous floral top and orange short because the floral tops and Bright colors in our generation this time is so trendy especially for us teens we want to be fashionable every time we are going out. Especially me I really love wearing bright colors because it enhance my skin tone and also It's my favorite color ORANGE! and It's fun wearing Floral Print Tops because you can pair it with different pants or shorts.

    Hope to win.

    April Grace Gregorio

  9. I'd love to win that outfit for it compliments my personality-- Bubbly, fun and bright. Its nice to pair floral's and pastel-hue colors 'cause it brings out the happiness in a person.

    Erika Taduran

  10. I deserve to win because I'm a girly girl type and I love florals! I love the design/details of the shorts plus I think yung pagka-orange nung short is too cool I love it!

    Alleyson Laurice R. Rabino

  11. I deserve to win because I want to have that florals on my closet. I love the details of the whole outfit and I want to have a post on that outfit on my blog. I definitely love those bright color. I know it suits me. I hope to win this time. Thank you! God bless!

    Nikka Krusher

  12. so girly :) nice :) btw, I find your blog interesting :) so i'm following you now :) mind checking my blog? i'd really appreciate if you could follow back :) thanks a bunch!!!
    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  13. looks fun, i enjoyed reading your photo captions. hahah. very witty. did your ceush went with you to mercato? :)

  14. Lovely ladies. Looks like you all had a blast. :)

  15. I want to win the floral top and shorts because the reality that i was called boring by my officemates haunt me still. I want to win this because it would add color to my outfit. Honestly, I only have dark color outfit,i'm not girly, but because of those remarks, i want to be different and try bright and girly outfit. hope to win this.

  16. I deserve to win a Floral top & orange short because I'm in with floral designs. And I'm 100% sure that If I'll wear those I can be stand out as simple as can be. It's so classy and comfortable to wear wherever you'll go. And most of all, I would be so happy to wear those clothes because it's now in a trend. <3 :)

    Tricia Ladiana