Sunday, November 4, 2012 Look: There is So Much Beauty in the World.

For the Hang Ten Cotton Project event, we were asked to come in our most stylish camping attire. Now, I may not be the camping type - like, at all! - but I was definitely up for dressing like a camper for the day. After all, camping attire doesn't involve anything remotely girly. SCORE! :p

Now, I'm not an expert when it comes to camping, but here's my take on what I would wear when in the woods. Let me know what you think! :) Special thanks to Catch for the photos!

denim top from Folded and Hung
brown scalloped shorts from ASOS

If you plan on going camping, comfort is key. Make sure you wear something that you can move around in with ease and that you won't mind getting dirty or even completely ruined by the end of the trip.

pink Doc Martens-inspired boots from Asianvogue Shop

The comfort just doesn't apply to your clothing, either; it extends to your footwear. Imagine the shoes you wouldn't mind wearing while walking for hours on end. Then wear those.

I could walk around all day in this pair of boots from Asianvogue - definitely one of my favorite buys to date!

bronze tree necklace from Folded and Hung
camera necklace - a gift from Jacob Gayanelo :)

I made sure my accessories exuded a camping vibe, as well, thus the tree.

Now, I admit that I would never bring a camera to the woods because I've seen "The Blair Witch Project", but this camera necklace was given to me by my best friend and I went through an entire phase where I would not take it off. #clingy So yeah, that's the story behind that. :p

mantra bracelets from Wear Mauve

As mentioned earlier, I'm not a camper. So, if I ever did go camping, I would need all of the good vibes I could get. Since there definitely won't be any Starbucks havens for me to run to in the woods, though, I figured I'd wear these mantra bracelets to keep me happy instead.

So far, these mantra bracelets do an amazing job at keeping me happy whenever I wear them. Whenever I feel down during the day, looking at the words on them instantly perks me up. #truth My daughter Syrena loves playing with them, too, so that's a plus. :) Thank you so much to Wear Mauve for sending these over to the most emo girl on the planet! :)

Other necessities in Wonder Woman's camping bag:

- Mosquito repellent coz I tend to attract mosquitos like Mario Maurer attracts horny Twitterers.

- A book and a book light coz I'm a nerd like that.

- Some sort of lil weapon, like a Swiss army knife. Just in case I end up in a horror movie scenario and need to cut someone's throat with it.

What would your camping essentials be? :)


  1. Anj! I also have the Mantra Bracelet! Super love it!


  2. I laughed so hard on that Mario Maurer quip. :)

  3. For mosquito repellent, try the Organic Citronella Spray from ZEN Organics. Safe for your baby too. :)

  4. Awesome outfit! :)

  5. I love your accessories!! And your chambray top. :)

    The House of Shoes

  6. arrr.. your boots!
    i really want it !