Saturday, November 24, 2012 Look: Who Would I Be?

Gerd had a talk last week and he said that blogs shouldn't have ranty posts in them. Do you agree with him? Well, whether you do or not, this outfit post is going to be a ranty post. I'm a rebel like that. :p

Let me start by asking you a question: are you happy with how you look?

It amazes me how many girls hate the way that they look. Every day, I read some gorgeous girl tweet about how fat she feels or I talk to a friend who complains about her "big legs". Heck, I even read tweets from guys who complain about how bad their eyebags have become or that they're "too skinny".

To be honest, I'm not happy with how I look, either. I don't like how my ears are so... Dumbo. I don't like my bipolar skin. I hate how my stomach feels and acts like jello most of the time and how my hair gets really oily after just one day of no-shampoo-ing. I hate the fact that I bit my nails as a kid and that my teeth aren't as straight as they were right after I had my braces removed and having no boobs and - breeeeeathe. I could go on and on and on here, but I won't.

Let me bore you with an outfit post instead. Here's what I wore to the Surf aromatherapy fabric conditioner launch a few months ago:

silver starfish cuff bracelet from Blue Vanilla
black and white striped bandage skirt from Forever 21
black boots from CeCe

black fedora hat from Bangkok
studded wolf top from Copper

Like I said earlier, I'm not happy with how I look, but I deal with it. How? I just look in the mirror and I tell myself I look alright. I think I look alright. I think, therefore I am. For some added confidence, I just give myself a lil boost with the clothes and the makeup that I wear.

I know it's easier said than done, but learn to love yourself. I'm not happy with how I look, but this is how God made me, so this is how I'll be. :) Besides, who would I be if I didn't look the way I did? (I know that was a rhetorical question, but I'd like to think I'd be Taylor Momsen... :p)

So, how do you deal with your insecurities? Tips are always welcome! :)


  1. I think you're gorgeous just the way you are!:)


  2. well not really i mean it would have been better hahah
    anyways pretty cool outfit

  3. I love this post! <3
    I think focusing on what you already have and flaunting it is a good way to keep away from insecurities :)

  4. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    great outfit, you look gorgeous!

  5. Everyone complains now and again. I don't mind the occasional rant in a blog post but if it's all the writer ever does, and it's a public blog/domain, then I lose interest. Personally think that the more personal, negative rants should be placed in a private diary, not for everyone to see. Life is bad enough as it is to be reading about people complain all the time. It's tiring. Plus things like these always has a way of biting you back in the butt eventually.

    Admittedly, I used to be one major negative girl during my teens. Puberty hormones or whatever. It got to the point that even my very close friend that time got so tired of it and it all came to one huge blow when she got really full of it. I'm thankful though since she still remained my friend til this day. She's actually one of the Little One's ninangs. =)

    It's alright to be disgruntled. I know I've started posts with major rants. I usually let it sit in the drafts box for a few days first, then if I still feel the same after some time, only then do I post it in full. If not and I realize that it's no biggie (as always is the case), then I rewrite the paragraphs.

    It's normal to be disgruntled sometimes. Being negative all the time, however, isn't. =)

  6. i think we have the media to thank for the common notion that to be beautiful, you have to look perfect, or at least almost. hahah. we all have insecurities, even the pretty girls have them, it's all about embracing the flaws and making use of what you have. :)

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  8. (Hello,may suggestion lang ako sa iyong blog. Maybe you can change the color of the box before the texts into a lighter shade of orange OR lower it's opacity. kasi tuwing after kong magbasa parang naiiwan yung kulay hehe. pero okay lang din nman. :D))

    I adore how the way you think. Maybe atleast the way you think in this blog post. :)
    Few minutes ago(10minutes specifically), you're just an ordinary girl i follow on twitter. But now, after reading this blog post, I already adore you.(i like you before, but now, i like you even more). Actually, accidental lang ang pagfollow ko sayo dati, and hindi nman ako avid visitor ng blog mo. kung na-timingan lang sa tweeter/FB or pag may time lang. Bagong reader mo lang din ako. ^_^
    Wala lang, in this post i found you a little different from other girls. which is a good thing. and YOU REALLY LOOK ALRIGHT! i swear! : )
    thank you for this post that made me realize something good.
    i heard you're in Baguio right now. Have an awesome stay there! =')

    and pls remove the captcha, no alien visits anybodys blog hehe

  9. I love your top! the whole look is rockstar vibe!