Friday, November 16, 2012

Movie Review: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Earlier this year, I renounced my title as the ultimate Justin Bieber basher and became a Belieber... And now... Now, I am renouncing my title as the ultimate Twilight basher and (potentially) becoming a Twi-Hard.

I know, I know. This is so unexpected of me. After all, I'm an Anne Rice worshiper and a Lestat lover, and I shy away from anything remotely sparkly. As such, the "immortal children" story line of "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" should have had me screaming for the hills and ranting about how Claudia is the only rightful immortal child in the world to no end. But I didn't. I also realized that I have three items of sparkly clothing in my closet now.

Twilight has been ruining my life since whenever-the-first-movie-came-out. I had actually read the first book prior to that coz of the vampire story line. And I hated it. Nay, I abhorred it. When I heard that Robert Pattinson was cast, I hated it even more. That part was clearly made for Henry Cavill. Or Chace Crawford. Still, I watched every single movie because, well, I hated being out of the loop.

After doing my research, I found out that nothing has really changed with the movies, though. It has the same writer, the same actors, the same director... So why didn't this one suck? I tried to decipher the reasons, and here's what I came up with so far:

1. The Familiar Faces

The familiar faces made me want to jump up and down. I mean... Seriously? That kid who sings "Johanna" in "Sweeney Todd" is in this! And Joe Anderson from "Across the Universe" fame is in this!!! JOE FRICKIN' ANDERSON. LOVE. HIM. Other familiar faces included the "Taken" daughter, Akhmenrah from "Night at the Museum" and that weird kid from "Birth". And, oh, Dakota Fanning. You remember her? Yeah. Me, neither. :p

2. Topless Jacob

via E Online

What woman doesn't look forward to this part? Almost like clockwork, Taylor Lautner takes off his shirt about 15 or so minutes into the movie... but the best part is that it actually makes sense this time. He takes off his shirt for a reason. He never had a real reason in the other movies. #fact

3. Lee Pace.

Who is this guy? Where did he come from? Where has he been hiding? I had never seen him before this movie, but I wanted to jump him in every single scene he was in. He's like Colin Farrell, but without the asshole vibe. He's going to be in "The Hobbit", just FYI. Cannot. Wait.

4. The Battle Scene

OMFG. THAT BATTLE SCENE. I had never been so excited from a battle scene since The Lord of the Rings, man. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. And I actually reacted - very violently at times - when certain things happened during the battle.

5. I actually understood it!!!

I actually understood the movie from start to finish, even though I never read the book. I didn't understand the last three movies of Twilight at all, and had to run to my twin for explanations. But this one was so well-done, it didn't hurt my head or confuse me. In fact, I stopped dissing it after Jacob took off his shirt because things really took off and got good after that (and not just coz he took off his shirt, either).

Wow, I actually came up with 5 reasons why I liked "Breaking Dawn: Part 2". Sooo strangeee.

I still hated Kristen Stewart, though. Although she does have more than one expression in this installment of the movie, she overacts instead of underacts this time around. Also: is it me or is she uglier as a vampire? That makes no sense to me.

via Wet Paint

Also, I hated the CGI baby. What was up with that? Were they not able to find a baby who was gorgeous enough to be deemed half-vampire? Or were they not able to find one who wouldn't cry when Kristen Stewart picked her up? Har de har har. Sorry. It had to be done. Writing a Twilight review without bashing it simply wouldn't be normal.

On the other hand, though, maybe I liked this movie not necessarily because it is good, but simply because I have changed and turned into a ball of molten cheese. Also, I have three items of sparkly clothing in my closet!!! What is happening to me?!?? 

Did I used to hate Twilight because my then-"relationship" was full of shit and do I like it now because I see so much of myself and Gerd in Edward and Bella's cheesiness?

Either way, guess what, Twi-Hards! You won't be unfollowing me today coz I'm totally with you on this one. I'd give it 3.5 stars. Maybe 4. Maybe. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves.

Follow me on Twitter to find out what I think of the Twilight saga books. Will be borrowing it from my twin very soon! :D #excited

What did you think of the movie, by the way? Do share! :)


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  2. Had a lot of fun reading this one. It was written the way my brain wants to say it.

    Haven't read any of the books and I didn't quite understand the first 3 movies too. Didn't even finish the first one. But I found myself liking Breaking Dawn. Bwawahaha.

  3. The fight scene was awesome! I was like this the entire scene --> :O


  4. im not a fan of twilight never watched any of its movie nor read any of its book but iwant to start at the beginning before i proceed into this

  5. Great review. I'm going to wait until the movie comes out on Blue ray

  6. Im not really big fan of this movie:) I like only first episode, when I was watching second I almost fall in sleep. But its movie, I think that book must be interesting for sure!
    Would you like to follow each other? let me know or you can follow me and I will follow you back!

  7. Whoa! Lee Pace is in Breaking Dawn 2? Love him ever since getting so obsessed over the TV show, Pushing Daisies. He's adorable lalo na sa PS. =)