Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Long Lost Files: The Southern Group Date

A few months ago, I was crushing on this guy and, well, as they say in old school fashion: the best way to get to know a guy is to... GROUP DATE!!! As such, I rounded up all of my Southern pals, pretended I wanted to hang out with them and got to know my crush better in the process. #user

...JOKE LANG. Hahaha. Before I really liked Gerd, we Southies all hung out in the South one day to watch that Bourne movie that really wasn't that great. Megann pretty much already captured the essence of that day perfectly in her blog post about it, but hey, who doesn't like going down memory lane? :)

Asking Hezzy to hold Jacob's talisman while I take outfit shots. Back when I had ombre hair.

Because bloggers take outfit shots even when they go on movie group dates. :p

Verge taking Megann's outfit shots.

Will post my own outfit shots from that day soon! :)

Demonstrating the power of Jacob's talisman.


Why, hey there, Miss Monday!

Coz, apparently, the fountains are for shoe-cleaning? Tsk tsk. :p

When we went to Alabang Town Center that day, we actually talked about doing a lot of other things in the weekends to come: laser tag, specifically. Never happened.

Don't you find it sad when you make plans with people, but they never push through? :( It's been months and we still haven't laser tagged. My heart is aching, guys. Let's do this!!! Please?

There were a lot of memorable things about that day, but my favorite bits were arcading with Verge before everyone else arrived, getting good-annoyed from Gerd's lollipop-sucking sounds and killing time on the steps Gossip Girl style.

Can we please all meet up in the South again?

Wonder Woman


  1. You are so cute and funny. I love the photos - you guys seem to be having a blast.

    Teodora's Lookbook

  2. wow group date hmm i never experienced it i prefer to do it solo haha