Thursday, November 15, 2012 Look: I Wish.

I may not be the kind of cheesy girly girl who dreams about finding her Prince Charming and living happily ever after, but I am the kind of cheesy non-girly girl who believes in wishes.

When I check the clock and it's 11:11, I make a wish. When I see a wishing well or a coin fountain, I make a wish. When it's my birthday and it's time to blow out the candles, I make a wish. When someone spots an eyelash on my face and asks me to blow it away, I make a wish. When I see a shooting star, I make a wish. In fact, when I see a normal star and it's the first one I see at night, I make a wish. You get the picture.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to get a tattoo that says "hope" in Elvish. Wishes and hope pretty much go hand-in-hand. When you wish for something, you hope for it to come true. And hope is pretty much what keeps me alive every single day.

After the Southern group date that I had with my friends a few months ago, I made a wish - a completely un-serious side-comment kinda wish, but still a wish nonetheless... but I'll get to that later. For now, here's what I wore that day:

black wifebeater from Bangkok
black corset belt from Terranova
beige scaly cover-up from Fashion Galore

This scaly cover-up is one of the most random and impulsive buys I've ever made online and I really do not regret it. It goes with everything and it gets a lot of attention. Gerd ended up playing with it a lot that day. Hee! XD

blue floral flats from Manels
red mullet skirt from Sarah Tirona

As you know I'm a huge Manels fan, so I couldn't not get these flats. Always comfy and always reliable, most of the flats in my shoe room closet house are from Manels. :)

Coz I'm now #lilmisscheeseballs, I now also have the need to mention that this photo set is the very first set of photos that Gerd ever took of me. :) The photo above also happens to be one of the very rare photos where someone was able to capture a genuine smile on my face. :) Gerd Perez: making me happy since the day we met. #CHEESE

assorted bangles and pearl bracelets from Bangkok

Pearls?!?? The girly girl project was clearly secretly still on. :p

brown aviator sunglasses from Hang Ten
gold dangling ear cuff from House of Luxe

After watching our movie that night, I tweet-raped Gerd with an "I love @the_lil_miss" (That's me! Follow me on Twitter! Haha plug!) and Jacky thought it was actually him who tweeted. I replied "I wish."

A few months later... BOOM. He's mine. Bwahahahahaha. Wishes do come true. Or, at least, I'd like to believe that they do.

In case they actually do, let me wish for something right now. I've always wanted to be charming. So many people are lucky enough to be charming by nature and can do practically anything that would be completely off-putting if done by other people (like me); but when they do it, those things end up seeming so endearing. So yeah. Charm. I wish for charm.

I'd wish for world peace, but I believe that wishes don't come true unless they're realistic. Besides, I'm no beauty queen. :p What would you wish for? :)


  1. This post is so cute and cheesy! :)

  2. Aww I also make wishes during moments like blowing candles and when it's 11:11, there is just some about wishing at those moments right? Aside form that there are too many unrealistic wishes I make but I've come to terms that you have to make your own wishes come true.

    Anyways I like the outfit and how happy you look in the pictures, when you cheese it up, you look really cute!

  3. Aww,wishes do come true. Happy for you, Angel. Oh and you look so chic in your outfit esp with that mullet skirt and the belt is soooo love <3

  4. that top seems weird but in a cool side ofcourse