Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tap Out Pain with Medicol Advance and Win an iPad or Samsung S2!!!

Have you tried playing Tap Out Pain by Ibufluid Medicol Advance yet?

This augmented reality game is actually the first of its kind in the Philippines and is the latest addition to Medicol's Advance Rewards Program. The best part is that winning is super duper easy!

All you have to do is tweet or rate photos and you could win cool lifestyle prizes from Medicol, including an iPad, a Samsung S2 and various gift certificates. :D

Tap Out Pain comes with attractive graphics in full color that promise visually stimulating eyecandy as you play on your computer or Android device. You won't get bored, either, because it will keep challenging you to take on quicker reaction time levels.

Playing the game is easy, too! You simply have to tap out the following Pain Monsters in the game:

Skulldriller represents severe headaches.

Magmatooth represents toothaches.

Crampzilla represents dysmenorrhea.

Brainleech represents migraine.

I actually think they're kinda cute to be "monsters". Lol. Naturally, you will be using Medicol Advance softgel as your killing weapon in the game! Clever, huh?

To play, just buy specially marked packs of Medicol Advance 5 at any Watsons Pharmacy branch. For more information, visit Medicol's official website here. To download the app, just click here. :)

Don't forget to like Medicol Advance on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! :)

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  1. i like the brainleech!! I do agree that they look so cute. it's a brilliant concept for medicol :D