Monday, April 2, 2012

April Movies to Watch Out For

It's my birth month and I have full intentions of making the most of it by going to the movies a lot. In fact, I am starting tomorrow by watching "The Hunger Games" for the second time. :p

After that, though, here are several movies that are complete must-sees this month (in my opinion, anyway):

April 7: Titanic 3-D

I still remember the first time I watched "Titanic". It was my 10th birthday and my aunt took me to see it at the American Community Theater in Bonn. Although I didn't care much for Leonardo DiCaprio or love, for that matter, I cried. A lot.

The plot: Unless you were born 15 years ago or less, you must know what the plot is. Sorry, B. I will never get over your age. :p

The verdict: What makes "Titanic 3-D" better than its predecessor isn't necessarily the 3-D effects. For me, it is the fact that I will be watching it for my 25th birthday (yes, it has been 15 years - believe it!) and will be reminiscing the awesomeness of it all. This movie was an epic part of my childhood, after all. Also, being in my 20s, I totally appreciate Leonardo DiCaprio's hotness so much more now. Back in the day, I was like "OMG CELINE DION'S SONG IS SOOO GOOD." Now, I'm like... "Do me in a vintage car, Leo." That may not happen, but watching it in 3-D will be close enough.

April 12: Battleship

There really is nothing good about this movie at first glance. The trailer is pretty crap. The title is pretty crap (all it reminds me of is the board game and who would want to see a movie about that?!??), Taylor Kitsch is in it (the asshole idiot who confused the Philippines with Indonesia), and the poster states that it is brought to us by the makers of Transformers (which was, as a whole, complete shite). However, Rihanna is in it. And that makes all the difference to me.

The plot: It is actually based on the game. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a "Toy Story" twist, so I'm not sure what they're gonna do with it. I don't really care. Rihanna's in it.

The verdict: Did I mention Rihanna is in this? I used to hate Rihanna with a passion, but I friggin' love her now. People change. Tastes change. Deal with it.

April 19: The Lucky One

One of the reasons why Penshoppe's choice to use Zac Efron as their endorser is so timely is because he has this new movie out. And, if you are female like hot men and haven't seen the trailer yet, then you really haven't lived:

The plot: Watch the trailer.

The verdict: As far as Nicholas Sparks novels go, they pretty much suck. Take it from me: a bookworm who gave him plenty of chances to wow me. The movies based on his books, though? Tearjerkers! And DO YOU SEE WHAT ZAC EFRON LOOKS LIKE IN THIS? I die!!!

April 25: The Avengers

via iFanboy

This is definitely the cherry on the top of all of the movie sundaes that are showing this month. I literally jizz in my pants every time I think about how epic this movie will be.

The plot: I'm not sure which plot they're going with because I don't want to get my hopes too high for the movie, but I do know I'm gonna miss Antman and The Wasp. I wish they'd make a movie that starts from the beginning sometime.

The verdict: JEREMY RENNER AS HAWKEYE. 'Nuff said. No. Seriously. I already know that this movie won't be as epic-ly great as superhero movies go, but having all of these actors together in one movie and in superhero garb? IT WILL BE EPIC ANYWAY.

Looks like April is the month of awesome birthday celebrants and hot men in movies. Eeeeek! I'm excited for all of the above! Are you? :)


  1. and i wondered why there's a titanic poseter at the malls! sabi ng kapatid ko luma na daw yun..he's just 11 years old hehe.. so excited for AVENGERS,tony starks is my fave!!

  2. wonderful post. i love titanic :)
    good work here.
    maren anita

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  3. Hahaha! I love it that I left a special thought of me on you ;) See you again soooon! :D

    xx B

  4. I've been waiting for the Avengers movie!

  5. Avengers!!! GRRR! Oh and Zac Efron looks mature na. Gwapo! :P

  6. Will watch The Avengers! Love the Titanic, too. Such a great movie! :)

  7. will definitely watch all you recommended :) except for battleship, which like you shall watch it coz of rihanna :P

  8. My friend and I were actually talking about watching a movie this summer with our whole hs barkada pero we don't know what movie. ahhaha so thank you for this! so helpful! Might watch Titanic and The Lucky One ;)

  9. Titanic is my most favorite movie of all time (runner ups: Pearl Harbor and Armageddon)! I'll forever choose it over any other TV program whenever I chance upon it on cable TV. (yeah I've seen it seven times if I remember correctly).

    Wah Zac's so hot in The Lucky One! I just love movies based from Sparks' books. Di ko lang masyado trip Nights in Rodanthe (both movie and book) and Message in A Bottle (I loved the book).

    Nice list! Sana makanood ako sine this summer LOL. School starts on the 16th sa amin. :))

  10. good movies here ; ) gonna watch the Hunger games later tonight : )

  11. i didn't know rihanna will be in that movie??? LOL must have overlooked because the trailer sucks when i caught it in the cinema! :)))

    really? how could you not like nicholas sparks' novels??? =( hahaha but since you like the movies, you're forgiven :P

    Happy birthday in advance :)


  12. advance happy birthday, Angel! Can't wait to watch Titanic, The Avengers and of course The Lucky One!! :)) Hope to see you soon! Mwah! :))

  13. wow you just wrote a great movie reviews!!! i haven't seen movies for ages.. well, since my baby was born. i guess its too hard for me to get away from motherhood so i just do is buy and buy dvd's.. lots of them!!! including titanic :)
    i tried to watch 3D movie once and i will never try again. i really not fan of it, i don't consider it special.. besides i can watch titanic over and over again :)
    btw before i forgot.. advance happy birthday!!! greetings from italy.
    take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  14. Advance happy birthday to you! Im pretty excited to watch Titanic 3D too! Have a great week! :)

  15. I'm really excited for Titanic 3D! Looking forward to feel intense goosebumps all over again!! :-O Zac Efron's ALWAYS hot... and that'd make me watch The Lucky One. :) Advance happy birthday, pretty Angel! ♥


  16. oooh! we're both 25 pala? haha! I want to watch AVENGERS too!! i am soooo excited!!

  17. I'm excited for The Avengers. =)

  18. I want the lucky one!! fan ako ng chick flicks e, haha I've been downloading movies these days kasi bum na ko. :))

    btw, thanks angel for reading my blog, may nagbabasa pa pala nun. haha
    i miss you!