Sunday, April 29, 2012 Look: Abbey Road

For me, "Abbey Road" is one of the most iconic album covers ever. Aside from that, it's got some of the best Beatles songs in it. Dare to disagree? :p

If you don't listen to The Beatles at all coz you think you're too cool to listen to classic rock or are just too young to understand my fascination with them, then raid your parents' old collection. And if they have it, give them two thumbs up from me. :p

This is my favorite Beatles picture by far. And can I just say that Paul is hands-down my favorite Beatle? Yum. (What is it with me and Pauls???)

Anyway, I saw this picture of myself and immediately thought of Abbey Road...

Although my birthday fell on Maundy Thursday this year, I didn't let it get to me. I spent it in the wonderful company of friends having quiet drinks in a friend's bar and talking about everything under the sun - mostly movies. And the journeys that people go through in those movies. ;p

And this is what I wore:

black and white striped top from Solo
burnt orange wide leg palazzo pants from ASOS
brown clogs from Manels

white sunglasses and bow stud earrings from The Little Things She Needs
bronze bunny ring and tribal feather necklace from Wear Mauve
owl cuff bracelet from Bangkok

At the end of the day, I can say that my birthday was a good one. Quiet and different, but still good. :)

I really just still can't get over the fact that Mark's favorite Pixar movie is "Ratatouille", though. Haha. Mine's "Toy Story". Hands down! What's yours? :)


  1. Oh I loooove the Beatles and Paul is also my favorite member. :) His works solo and/or with Wings are just as good as those of the Beatles. And of course I love your outfit. That hair is so edgy, Angel!

  2. Yes, very Abbey Road nga :) I love it! Super belated Happy Bday Angel! Your outfit looks fab :) i love the purse!

    As for the Pixar movie, it's a tie between Toy Story and Monsters INC!! :)

  3. Ringo was my favorite!!!
    your hair is really COOL!!!!
    bagay te...

  4. Yup I love Beatles ...
    They r d greatest........glad tat u enjoy ur birthday with ur good friends...
    Nice one....

  5. i dont watch abbey road. :s
    Happy late birthday to youuuu!! absolutely gorgeous outfit!!!


  6. I like your blog :D would you like to follow each other? :)

  7. omg you are sporting my dream haircut!!!
    it looks so angas talaga! badtrip, bawal sa office!
    inggit ako!;(

  8. EHHH :"> I admire these photos so much! Aside from they were taken at an "Abbey Road" (my Dad LOVES The Beatles), you look gorgeous with your palazzo!! ♥♥