Friday, April 6, 2012

GlutaMAX Slim Launch: Lighter Skin. Lighter Body.

Before I talk about the Glutamax event, I feel the need to show you how awesome my daughter is:

Hell yeah! Syrena supports Wonder Woman Rises 100%!
Thank you, Tita Kei, for the shirt! :)

Now that you have undoubtedly got a smile on your face, let us continue:

GlutaMAX recently launched its new product, GlutaMAX Slim, at Outback Steakhouse in Libis.

GlutaMAX Slim is a dietary supplement that is both safe and effective. It uses a special formulation that contains L-Carnitine and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Fat Burner to help burn and shrink fat, as well as convert fat into energy, for a leaner and toner body overall.

(left) event host and YSA endorser, Regine Tolentino
(right) GlutaMAX owner, Robert Nazal

Some of the Facebook winners for GlutaMAX.

These pretty ladies won mobile phones, iPod shuffles and iPads, to name a few - just by joining a contest on Facebook. So lucky!

While having dinner, we were entertained by the cute and witty harpist and beautiful YSA endorser Noelle Cassandra.

Am I the only one who wonders how the heck harpists lug their harps from one place to another??!?? Okay. I just googled it. They have step-by-step guides with photos on how to do it here. :p Gotta love Google - and the dedication of harpists!

Also, check out how fashionista Noelle is: 

Yes. I took a picture of her heels. The fact that she was wearing them while playing the harp amazed me. Love her!

After that, Regine introduced us to the endorser of GlutaMAX slim, the gorgeous Regine Angeles.

It really is no wonder why they chose her to endorse this new products since she embodies the slogan itself: Lighter Skin. Lighter Body.

In a nutshell, GlutaMAX Slim can help you reach your diet goals in four easy ways:

- It shrinks the fat cells and metabolizes them into energy.
- It increases the lean muscles in the body to slim it naturally.
- It increases the metabolism, in general.
- It targets certain problem areas in the body, like the thighs and the stomach.

I am actually going to start taking this product once I start following my new upcoming exercise plan on Monday. Will keep you updated on the results! :)

(from left) the Regines and Sir Robert with Paulo Legaspi

With Gwen Zamora - the real reason why I commuted sooo far for this event :) Read my review on her latest movie "The Witness" here.

With Keigh of Life in High Heels (left), who came all the way to Outback to say hi, even though she was at a Benefit event in Eastwood beforehand.

Don't forget to like the GlutaMAX Facebook page and the GlutaMAX Slim Facebook page. You can follow them on Twitter, too! :)


  1. Your daughter is so cute and she's wearing a wonder woman shirt :) I hope the product will work and has no side effects. And thank you for your kind words on my previous post. I was wearing false eyelashes not extensions. It's too expensive :D!

  2. Syrena!!! Wanna squeeze this kid now and hug her!! She's so cute and ang ganda mag-pose, ha! ;) I'm an only child, so maybe that's the reason why I LOVE kids! :) Anyway, still so sad (and sorry) that I missed this Glutamax event. :( Wanna try this, looks so helpful sa pagd-diet! :D And Regine Angeles' sooo pretty! Great post, Angel! ♥


  3. you have such a cutie patootie daughter. I'm thinking of trying the product. I really do hope it works. Nice event post by the way.

    much love,

  4. okay syrena definitely caught my attention there! hello little wonder woman!!

  5. Syrena is a cutie patootie girl! She's lucky to have you as a mother 'coz you're so cool! :D

  6. Syrena is so cute!! Hope to see her soon para mag play sila ni Sofi :))

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