Monday, April 23, 2012

ASUS Flare Up - This Summer's Most Colorful PC's

Last month, I attended my first techie event. I don't pretend to be technologically gifted, seeing as I didn't even know how to create a digital signature or edit HTML on Blogger until recently. Heck, it even took me 2 days to realize that the space bar makes the Tetris blocks fall down straight on Facebook.

However, the very pink invitation to the ASUS: Flare Up launch stirred the frustrated girly girl in me, and I went. Of course, the fact that the babydaddy's laptop is an ASUS and the fact that he really, really, really wanted to go and practically pushed me out the door helped, too.

I'm really glad I went, though. :)

The launch took place at Bizu Patisserie and Bristro in Greenbelt 2. And guess who was already there when I got there!

To see my complete outfit, read my outfit post here.

Before the event proper, And and I had some fun with this really cute photo booth. Cute coz of the name: The Funny Mustache!

Like a sir! Boom.

Here are our photos at the photo booth:

After the event, some of the people who wore something pink in the photo booth pictures won Bizu GCs. We didn't win any, though. :(

Now, as mentioned earlier, I admit that I'm no techie. So, instead, I'm just going to show you some pictures of the laptop that I fell absolutely in love with... merely coz it was pink.

The Zenbook UX31 - one of the four new models of ASUS this summer. Perfect for everyone who loves pink - like me! :D (My favorite color is yellow, though.)

Love at first sight is an understatement!
Check out that keyboard!

Unfortunately, I can't afford it. It costs 60K.

Check out how thin it is, though - minimum thickness is only 3mm.

And it only weighs 1.1kg!

And it's in HOT PINK. Boom!
Sooo preeeeetty.

The other three new ASUS models are a bit cheaper and range from 14K to 23K. They're not hot pink, though. However, if you want to read more about their specs, visit Kaye's blog post on them here.

Of course, no event would be complete without food and chikahan.

Call me mean, but part of me was so happy Ana's braces still hurt. More food for me! Bwahahaha.

I'm a sucker for anything sweet and Bizu's sweets are sooo good. They're definitely on my list of places to review.

Their pasta is so good, too.

That's the pretty Kaye Awatin of The Style Flux on the right! :)

And then the event started, where we were introduced to ASUS' new line of colorful PCs.

Again, I'm going to be perfectly honest... When they were talking about the specifications, my mind went totally blank. All I know from what gibberish Henry was feeding into my ear - and which was already supposed to be "plain English" - is that it's really fast and it uses some of the best speakers in the world? Bang and Olufsen? Not even sure if those are speakers or sound cards. Something to do with sound anyway. :p

He loved the event! Yes, he is kneeling on the floor.

I'm glad the event was very intimate. Had a great time catching up with these two pretty girls. It's surprising how much we talked about in that really short span of time, really. ADD of the mouth? Haha. Also, I still have those laptop colors memorized. Insane!

Final group shot before going our separate ways!

I ended up going to Coffee Bean with the babydaddy afterwards to talk about my options in terms of getting a new phone (my BlackBerry Troy was stolen earlier that week).

Following the steps of milk tea places. I like!

Yes, I know. What's a Starbucks girl doing at Coffee Bean? Well, I have a ton of vouchers from my Belle de Jour planner and figured I should start using them up. Waste not, want not.

I really like their iced chai thingamajiggies.

Also got free cupcakes from the ASUS event, which I couldn't wait to devour.

If you want to learn the way to my heart, it's through cupcakes. Preferably red velvet. Though anything laced with sugar will do. :)

Like the hot pink laptop as much as I do? Then like ASUS on Facebook and follow them on Twitter or visit their official website for more information. :)


  1. Awww! :"> I really enjoyed reading this post, Angel! And you were SOOO cute about that spacebar on tetris thing! Haha glad you girls had more chika time, wish we could do that more often din. :) See you soon!!! ♥♥


  2. I vouch for asus. It has style, it is durable and it is cheap. Gumulong yung netbook ko sa stairs (nasa sleeve lang sya) and bumukas pa rin with no problems at all.

  3. I'm planning to buy a netbook soon. Now I have to check this option too. :)

  4. Miss you!! haha clingy! I really enjoyed that intimate event with you girls. Sorry I let you down on the game though, I have a terrible memory gap lol

    Kaye Awatin

  5. Asus is a really good brand. I've been using mine for years now and it also helps that they have lots of nice colors. Hehehe! =D

  6. ooh i used to have an asus laptop, this looks like a cool new product of theirs! I love the hot pink too!

  7. Great post with lots of really good looking pic's ; - )

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