Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lookbook.nu Look: Lucky

Just a quick outfit post before I vanish into work mode. Wore this when I went to Resorts World to catch up with Mikkie - who, by the way, plays Liesl in The Sound of Music Manila. (The show ends soon!!!! Make sure you watch it before it ends!!!) Went for comfort above anything else and, of course, wore some trusty heels.

galaxy print top/dress from Simone's Closet

Fell in love with this top/dress the moment I saw it and knew I just had to have it. One of those few impulse buys I really do not regret. Love that it has pockets on the side, too! :)

soft red satchel bag from Impulse Co

purple tassel necklace from That Quaint Store

Isn't this necklace gorgeous? Will be blogging more about That Quaint Store very soon. This was just part of a much bigger package that they sent me - with special goodies that you guys can win, too! :) Exciting! Go browse through their store and by something that you like for now. :)

rocking horse ring from Anagon Collection
owl ring from Bangkok

I am a regular customer of Anagon Collection now, but this is one of the very first items that I bought from her - before we even met and I found out what an amazing person Ana is. More power! :)

Hamming it up for the camera. What is vanity!

It's a pretty simple look, but I love all of the items that I wore in it - down to the black tights that I got from SM Department Store and the bootie heels from Nine West that my dad gave me. And isn't my owl ring just the cutest? What do you think of this look? :)


  1. i adore the dress!:) the galaxy print is so in now!:)

  2. wow! how cute is that owl ring? and i love that necklace!

  3. Looking good Angel :) love that lipstick shade on you! Suits you great ;)

  4. Your owl ring's such an eyecandy!!! I wanna have it! :-O You've got great style, as usual, Angel! Love how you pulled off this galaxy top from Denise! ♥ Looking good!


  5. i love love love the galaxy print dress!


  6. You look so good i love it tita angel

  7. So pretty!! :)


  8. Wonder woman always looks very beautiful lol...
    Thanks for dropping by...
    I added u in my bloglist.....

  9. i love your lip color here angel and your tassel necklace... awesome! :)