Saturday, April 21, 2012 Look: Personal Jesus

Just a quick outfit post before I go work out. That's right. I'm gonna go work out. My head's been spinning with mixed emotions and I feel ugly and fat and my credit card bill is killing me and I like this guy who doesn't like me back. Okay. Woozaaa. Anyway, working out will help clear my head... I hope.

Now on to the outfit post!

I haven't blogged about the ASUS launch yet, but it was the event, in which I made my new hair debut - and this is what I wore. (Don't be too shocked...)

teal top with cut-out shoulders from Forever 21
pink chiffon maxi skirt from Forever 21

Yes, I like Forever 21.

round turtle shell teashade sunglasses (aka John Lennon glasses), which I stole from the babydaddy
YSL arty ring from Mar
necklace from Mango

pink star bag from Shop Manica
gold wired name keychain from Anagon Collection (of course!)
suede Kylie G heels from Rajo x SM Parisian

ladybug stud earrings from Cole Vintage
gorgeous eyelashes from Lash Studio
undercut from Bruno's Barbers

Haha. Okay. I was gonna tell the story behind my drastic haircut here, but it's kind of epic, so it'll have to wait til the next blog post.

Until then, what do you think of the outfit? I felt too edgy with my hair and a guy asked me if I was a lesbian the day I got it done, so I tried to girly it up a bit. Haha. Too much? Tell me what you think! :) I'm off to work out now... maybe.


  1. Omigosh! What a change but I love it on you. I've been thinking of doing that to my hair too but I'm afraid it will not be bagay on me. :/ Bagay sayo! Love it! :)


  2. You're still pretty! :) I think bagay sayo kahit anong hairstyle :)


  3. super love everything in this photo!!! =)


  4. Lovely! Amazing skirt, bag and sunglasses <3


  5. Love your outfit that day! Colorful grunge! :) Your bag is the cutest! :)

    Kaye Awatin

  6. i love your rockstar hair <3 and i wish i get fit too :(

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  7. your outfit looks very nice..
    I dont thinkk that you are fat..
    ur shave hair looks cool n sexy..;)

  8. "(Don't be too shocked...)" is such an understatement! Readers will get superdupermegaultimately shocked w/ that cool hairstyle you're sporting! You are the goddess of risktakers! HAHAHA!

  9. JUST WOW!! :-O Haha wish I could've seen your hair this "freshly" shaved. I'm in love with it!! :) Btw I love how you combined your Forever 21 clothes. Ganda, especially when paired to your RxP shoes! WINNER! ♥


  10. i want that hair style toooo hahaha. you look fierce :)