Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hang Ten S/S '12: Welcome to the Great Outdoors!

When I was still in high school (yes, I'm old...), Hang Ten brought one single image to mind: lil footprints on a shirt. Boy, are things different now!

Although still a casual clothing label that imbibes a relaxed sense of style, Hang Ten is definitely far more than their shirts with the footprint logos nowadays.

This season, Hang Ten takes on a trendier, more fashion-forward and more adventurous take on fashion with different collections that revolve around The Great Outdoors. Check 'em out:

The Heritage Collection

Try not to get distracted by those sex lines on the male model... Hehe.

Gotta love the pops of color here!
The Heritage Collection mostly focuses on stylish, hip and bright board shorts, which Hang Ten was originally famous for. Despite the many re-masterings of board shorts through the years, Hang Ten now re-introduces them to the Philippines with different colors, designs and cuts to match anybody's taste this summer!

Camp Hang Ten

Smallville's Clark Kent inspired? :D

Gotta love plaid!
Who doesn't love plaid? Who doesn't love farmboys like Clark Kent? Who doesn't love plaid... on Clark Kent? Although inspired by the casual and laidback culture of summer camping, this collection is my favorite because it simply screams of Smallville and Clark Kent. How many times did I just say Clark Kent in that paragraph? Let me say it again: Clark Kent.

Aside from that, Camp Hang Ten uses earthy colors and khakis to evoke a sense of adventure and wilderness in this collection while staying stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Cotton Project

Loving the tailored fits!

Cotton Project is all about the woodcutters’ style with more modern cuts and slimmer silhouettes for a contemporary yet rugged design.

Do you love Hang Ten's latest collections as much as I do right now? Then like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, or visit them at any major mall nationwide today. :)


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  2. fabulous blog post! thank you for visiting my blog! i hope you're having a great weekend! let's keep in touch through our blogs!

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  3. love it! super casual and cute :)

  4. Thank you for visiting! I'll photograph you once I'm legit haha I don't even own any dslr! Love hangten! Grab those rings at (! Have a great Sunday!

  5. Hey Angel! didn't know that HangTen has evolved so much. I love their new clothes. Hope to see you again soon!


  6. I think the style of HangTen has improved a lot! I love the checkered and denim polos! Thank you by the way for visiting my blog dear!!! Wanna follow each other? :)


  7. Can't wait for June! Love the cotton project! Would love to wear jackets again!