Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Recap: The Best of the Best

Since I'm such a procrastinator and can't bring myself to deal with all of my backlogs just yet, I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite blogposts every week to de-stress and introduce you guys to some of my favorite bloggers at the same time - starting with this past week.

The Title: The Best of Draw Something
The Blog: Catch.G by Catch Gaviola

I can't draw to save my life and Pictionary was my hatest board game of all time because of it. Thankfully, I don't have an iPhone and can still escape this Draw Something app for now, but I was completely blown away when I read Catch's post.

The screenshot above pretty much tells you everything there is to know about the blog post. Of course, I chose this as the screenshot out of all of the awesome pictures in the post because, well, it's Frodo. Duh.

Why do I love this blog post? Well, not only was I able to take part in this momentous event (though since I'm such a procrastinator, you prolly won't read it on my blog until two months from now), this is the first time I watched a vlog on her blog that really took me back to the event and everything that happened in it.

I absolutely love how Ana is slowly but surely becoming a pro at this vlogging thing and how dedicated and passionate she is about the art. (You have to be there when she does it to truly understand.)

This blog post is epic because of 1) its title and 2) its final words.

The Blog: Fasche by Tatie Aquino

I'm a crazy bookworm. That bag is so me.

The Title: New In Crocodile Ring
The Blog: 'Rock N Rollerr by Jenny

I am a rocker chick at heart, which is why I started following Jenny to begin with. Aside from having awesome rocker chick fashion sense, though, she also always has the awesome-est accessories ever. End of story.

What were your favorite blog posts this week? :) Share them with me, please. I promise I'll read them! :)


  1. wow that is one awesome ring! and cute ni ana!!:)

  2. i think im in love with that crocodile ring

  3. Gorgeous book-bag and ring!!! :-O I also love Ana's blog about the TOMS Event, very inspiring and felt like I was there also lalo na sa video! Galing lang! :">


  4. interesting idea! the drawing was amazing! love the bag and the ring :)

  5. Aww, I love it when bloggers share posts around! I kind of do the same on my twitter whenever I find something new and awesome.

  6. I want that book bag too! :D Date soon, shall we?