Monday, April 30, 2012 Look: Rat-Patootie

I mentioned in my last outfit post, Abbey Road, that Mark's favorite Pixar movie is Ratatouille. And, since I am wearing the coolest Manels shoes ever to be made so far in this outfit post, I thought I'd dedicate this to him by calling it Rat-Patootie. And that's not me mocking him or the movie, okay! It's from a quote in the movie that goes:

"Ratatouille. Why do they call it that? If you're gonna name a food, you should give it a name that sounds delicious. Ratatouille doesn't sound delicious. It sounds like 'rat' and 'patootie'. Rat-patootie, which does not sound delicious."

Half of you probably haven't seen "Ratatouille", but it's actually really good. It's no "Toy Story", "Up", "Monsters, Inc.", or "Finding Nemo" ... :p But still good. :)

Now on to what I wore on my last scam in Manila (scam = friendly date. #80s lingo) with Aaron Yeo:

white sunglasses from The Little Things She Needs
gold watch from Parfois

grey apple and leopard flats from Manels

I love these flats sooo much that I actually screamed my lungs out when I first saw them in SM North Edsa. I swear I almost gave the saleslady there a heart attack. Why? Well, Steve Jobs is my soulmate.

circle necklace from my godmother - now officially dubbed my Iron Man necklace
white lace top from Forever 21
purple floral skirt from Forever 21

Yes, I like Forever 21.
Also, say hello to my latest tattoo!

After Aaron and I said our goodbyes by the taxi stand at Resorts World - my most abhorred place at that mall coz of all of the memories that comes with it - I went to look for Keigh Jalbuena Life in High Heels of Life in High Heels, who was getting a digital perm at FAB Salon.

FAB Salon is located on the topmost floor of Resorts World Manila - right next to McDonald's and Bruno's Barbers. Yes, I am plugging the salon coz I was BBM-ing Mark (whom this post is still dedicated to, btw) that day and he mentioned that his friend owns it. So there. GO TO FAB SALON, GUYS!!! :D

Keigh getting her digi-perm.

I don't have any after photos coz all I could think about was devouring General's Tofu at Recipes, but trust me: she looks good. :)

And look at her pretty, pretty shoes!

I got bored waiting after a while, so... wacky undercut photo! :p

Have you done anything new with your hair recently? :)


  1. love your flats! :)

  2. cute snaps hun, i havnt done anything recently but I'm about to get it permanently straightened next monday ^^

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  3. your apple leopard shoes looks good .. nice...

  4. Ganda!!! Love love love our top and your flats. Parang super comfy, summer na summer. :)

  5. cutie patootie apple shoes :) love it ! and bet ko ang outfit ! purge!

  6. hey babe!natuwa naman ako na kaya i conceal the undercut!shucks!
    im itching to have my haircut na! wag ka msyadong magulat pgparehas na tyo ng hair soon.:)

  7. Love all the lace & floral shoes!
    And thank you so much for following! I am now following back!


  8. Love your skirt and your flats!! As well as your new tattoo! :)


  9. I became so addicted with Ratatouille before!! It really was a good movie! :) Sobrang cute! :D Haha and of course, as always, I'm in love with this ensemble. You look great with those colors, and I also LOVE the details of your F21 top! ♥


  10. wow!! i LOVE your outfit!! so girly and CHIC!! i like your lace top and floral skirt!!

    ps: thanks for commenting on my blog post!

    paint it stripes

    New Photo Diary is up dear, Hope you can check it out :)

  11. cute blog and lovely outfit! check out my latest blog post and maybe we can keep in touch through our blogs. xxx