Monday, April 16, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

DISCLAIMER: There are no pictures in this post.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts: I hate my eyelashes - when they're not extended anyway. Because of this, I jumped at the chance to get eyelash extensions for free last month.

Yes, it has been a month. As such, I think I now have the right to blog about their pros and cons like a boss pro coz I think I'm one of the very few people in the world who has gone through every single hurdle possible with eyelash extensions - all in the span of 30 days. True story, bro.

For starters, after having the extensions for a total of only four days, they started hurting whenever I blinked. And they hurt a lot. Obviously, this wasn't normal. So, after some Googling (I'm the Google Queen, FYI!) and some mirror-staring, I realized that two of my eyelashes were glued together(!!!). This meant that, as one eyelash was growing at its own pace, the other eyelash was growing at its own pace, too, creating a crazy civil war of the eyelashes on my left eye. Suffice to say, it was painful and I had to go back to the lash salon to fix them. Fortunately, my eyelash extensions have since then been civil war-free!

Second of all, because I was so not used to having long eyelashes, I couldn't help but play with them in the beginning whenever I was bored. This meant stroking them, fondling them, making them flutter and doing all sorts of illegal and unnecessary things to them, in general. Unfortunately, this caused an eye infection called blepharitis - which was also very, very painful. Basically, I ended up getting lil pimples on my eyelash line, as well as a massive swollen eye. On my birthday. Again: true story, bro. Fortunately, Tobradex came to the rescue. One drop every two hours and my eye was as good as new for my birthday drinks that night!

Thirdly, having beautiful eyelash extensions makes it impossible to wear glasses or sunglasses normally. Okay, it's not impossible, but it's definitely weird. Why? Coz your eyelashes will be so long, they'll almost act like windshield wipers on your glasses.

Lastly, since eyelashes fall out naturally every two weeks, losing them causes a bit of a heart attack whenever one falls out. Back in the day, I'd pick up a fallen eyelash and just blow it away without thinking twice. Now, I pick up a fallen eyelash, stare at it in wonder and go "OMG MY EYELASH FELL OUT. IT'S HUMONGOUS. MY EYES ARE GONNA GO BALD." They don't go bald.

That's it for the major cons, really.

Once you get used to the eyelash extensions (it took me about a week), you won't have trouble with them anymore. At all. I was scared to clean them during the first few days, for example, but now I just wash my face normally and am no longer bothered by them in any way.

Of course, you will have to maintain them and care for them properly, so that they stay intact, though. Make sure you take off your makeup every night, for example, and wipe your eye makeup off away from your inner eyelids every time. Do not pull out your extensions, either, since you might pull off your actual eyelashes at the same time. Since this means that you'll be pulling out your eyelashes "before their time", they might not grow back anymore afterwards(!!!).

Naturally, the best thing about eyelash extensions would be the fact that they will make you feel beautiful and might even give you a much-needed boost of confidence whenever you go out. That's definitely what they did for me. It's the first time I've ever gotten compliments on my eyelashes, so that in itself makes these extensions worth my while, I believe.

Plus, I get ready much faster now because I don't have to deal with curling my eyelashes or putting on mascara anymore (though, I admit, I do miss doing that sometimes).

So, will I stick to eyelash extensions forever now? Well, if I could afford it, I prolly would. But I think I'll alternate having them and not having them. After all, eyelashes deserve a break from being beautiful all the time, as well, right? Also, I'd like to see what other lash salons in the Metro have to offer. Any recommendations? :)

Hope this helped! :) If you have any more questions regarding eyelash extensions, feel free to ask them in the comments section and I will edit this post to accommodate them accordingly. :)


  1. great post regarding your eyelash extension experience angel. try false lashes for the mean time para you'll just wear 'em when u need 'em ;)

  2. true story!
    I can't wear my sunnies properly and I can't even wash my face like I used to.
    But still it was a great experience!
    And a lot of people really did compliment of how long my lashes are.
    I guess with great lashes comes great responsibility.. and pain haha

  3. I thought this was really funny! Very very helpful too. I have never had eyelash extensions and don't think I'll try them bcos I know I'll have to get them done again and again and not be able to handle my lashes on their own. (Same has happened with fake tan- can't handle my white skin haha)

    Xox Soph

  4. would love to get eyelash extensions, kaya lang i wear glasses..

  5. This can definitely help those who are aspiring to have extensions (namely me. lol). I just feel scared to lose my real lashes if I will not be able to maintain the extensions. I like the false lashes though but they're also quite "disturbing" for eyeglasses. :D

  6. i heard it's hard to maintain nga daw.. kaya i didn't get eyelash extensions before.. scary naman yung infection! ayokooo! haha! :p i'll stick to faux lashes nalang muna! and oh! i saw your new haircut na! (from paultheprguy) that's sooo brave of you! iloveit~!

  7. Hahaha! I had eyelash extensions two years ago. Loved the look and the fact that I only needed powder, blush and lipstick and I'm out the door. But taking a shower or washing my face was a pain, and yes...whenever an eyelash would fall it would suck since sometimes one eye would have thicker eyelashes than the other and its back to the salon again for a retouch. Did this for 6 months. So expensive! When they took them out, they cut my lashes so short. I was so worried they wouldn't grow back to their normal length but thankfully they did. Siyempre nagkwento ako dito diba? :))

  8. Oh wow, very detailed write up. I want eyelash extensions too but I'm afraid I can't maintain them well. Soon enough. :)


  9. the reason your eyelashes were glued together is because the person did not do a good job she was not trained properly .following careful instructions proper eyelash extension should not hurt or cause any type of eyelash infection.eyelashes 1 should be separated if you take a toothpick and comb for your lashes if any are stuck together if you're not. if you'd like more detailed information on how to check your lashes go to my website in under the press and you will see information

  10. I want to get them but am TERRIFIED my natural lashes are going to fall out. I have read so many horror stories

  11. I do want to try them out, but I'm scared that my money would be wasted because I wear thick-rimmed glasses!

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