Friday, April 20, 2012

The Highlights of PF Chang's Manila

Have you read my When in Manila review on PF Chang's yet? If you haven't, go and do that now because I won't be writing an extensive review here. In fact, I'll mostly just be ranting about how hectic my day was. :p

One incredibly rainy day last month, I decided to review the pesco-vegetarian menu over at the only PF Chang's branch that is currently in Manila - the Alabang Town Center branch - with my friend Jacob Gayanelo. Since the rain was so hard that day, no cabs were coming by my condo, though, so I opted to grab an umbrella - something I rarely do - and take a jeep and a trike to ATC.

I got to The Street, the incredibly awesome addition to ATC, at around 11am and met up with Jake at Jamba Juice.

The place deserves a mention in this post because they said they loved my then-newly-shaved hair. :p

I got Peanut Butter Moo'd, of course!

At around noon, the rain subsided and we walked over to PF Chang's. Since the receptionists didn't seem to have any idea I was there to review the place, though (or maybe my hair just made me seem shady?), I decided to look for my phone and call Charlz - my contact at PF Chang's.

That's when I realized my BlackBerry, Troy, was missing. And the worst part? My Starbucks charm that was hanging on it was still in my bag... except it was cut. :( Yup. My BlackBerry was stolen on the jeep. That explains why...

Charlz suggested we have some Apple Pear Mojitos, even though it was only noon!

In all fairness, these are the best mojitos I have tasted in Manila to date. Not too sweet, not too minty. Just. Perfect.

After that, the operating partner of PF Chang's joined us, but since I was still in complete shock over the kidnapping of Troy, my mind was completely blank and I had no idea where to begin with the questions about the restaurant. Thank goodness Jacob stepped in. 

Jacob G to the rescue!

Yihee! Sorry, girls. He's taken. Haha!

Aside from the delicious mojitos, the main highlights of PF Chang's for me would be the sauces and the dessert choices.

PF Chang's special sauces are delicious. I kid you not!

The Emperor's Rolls, which were invented on a whim were so good!

And my favorite dessert in the world right now: the GF Dark Truffle Dome cake.

That is passion fruit mousse inside of it! Yum yum!

Since we reviewed PF Chang's before my birthday, I actually asked if I could have a much bigger version of this made for the occasion - and they said yes! Unfortunately, my birthday fell on Maundy Thursday this year, so no delicious cake for me. :(

Despite the incredibly hectic day and the loss of my baby Troy, though, I must say that I had a great day at PF Chang's. We were even given so much food to review that we had to take half of it home. Leftover PF Chang's for dinner? YES, PLEASE!

The team behind PF Chang's: Charlz Dimal (Brand Assistanat), Angela Camin (Restaurant Manager), and Vicente Rodrigo (Operating Manager). That's me on the far right with my new hairdo.

Don't forget to like PF Chang's on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! :) Have you tried PF Chang's yet? Any dishes to recommend? I'll be back there on Wednesday and I'm hoping to try something new! :)


  1. Sorry to hear ur bb is stolen....
    What do you mean by newly shaved hair?
    The mojito looks refreshing n good.... Nice..
    Have a good weekend ya.....

  2. I need to have some of those mojitos please.