Friday, April 13, 2012

Lash Studio: The Secret to My Now-Gorgeous Eyelashes

When it comes to looks, my face is never something I complain about ...except when it comes to my eyelashes, that is. They're super short, they're not curly and the worst part is that they're the only things that my daughter actually got from my face.

My boring eyelashes back in the day.

So, when Ms Sheila Amora of Funky Plum Vintage asked me if I wanted to try out eyelash extensions for free, I almost jumped up and down for joy.

Of course, it wasn't a random invite. My beautiful new eyelashes were to be showcased at the Funky Plum Bloggers' Makeover Party later that week.

This is where I got them done:

Lash Studio at Pergola Mall in BF Homes, Paranaque

Although a bit out of the way for most bloggers out there, Lash Studio is just a 5-minute walk or a 2-minute tricycle ride from my dad's house, so it was super convenient for me to get there.

Aside from eyelash extensions, Lash Studio also offers a slew of other services - including home services from 10am til midnight at a minimum of Php1,500 worth of services per person.

After telling me that my eyelashes were a size 6 (aka the smallest possible size for eyelashes out there... *sigh*), I got the Natural eyelash extensions done, which normally cost Php550.

The waiting area at Lash Studio.

Overall, the procedure took around two hours. Don't worry. It's really relaxing, so I actually spent most of it asleep. Catch up on desperately-needed sleep coz I'm an insomniac? Check!

And the results?


Instant flirty eyelashes. Okay, maybe not "instant" coz it took two hours. But still.

My daughter Syrena loved my eyelashes so much, she decided to play with my makeup and put on a smokey look to rival my eyelashes' prettiness.

She didn't really succeed.

Before and After

I have gotten so many compliments from people since I've gotten these done, it's insane! What do you think of them? I really wanted thicker eyelashes, but figured the natural ones would be, well, more natural. And so far I've fooled quite a lot of people into thinking that they're real. (I end up feeling bad and admitting they're just extensions five seconds later, though.)

If you're interested in eyelash extensions yourself, let me know in the comments section and I'll write a blogpost on their pros and cons next! :) Have a great weekend! I know I will. ;)


  1. Cute baby! And nice extensions too :)

  2. I'd love to know about the pros and cons of eyelash extensions. I've been wearing false eyelashes on special occasions but haven't considered extensions. I'll wait for your post. =)

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  4. Love your lashes!!! :)


  5. I am super interested in eyelash extensions but have never done anything in my life!!! It would be lovely if it would last for more than a month, won't it?

  6. i have done that but only once every year (on my bday month)
    because i end up pulling it off after the first week, and i am afraid i'm pulling and destroying the real once.

    but still, i love eyelash extensions.


  7. love your new lashes! :)

  8. that is so affordable with great results...
    I wish the studio was near though..

  9. Great new lashes! I've been thinking of getting one, thanks for sharing! :)

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  11. I like your extensions but I love Syrena's smokey eye look! She's growin up so fast! =)

  12. Totally love the before and after photos!! I'm sure you're extra prettier now! :) I've got short lashes, too, so I always use mascara (and coat up to 4 times just to make them looonger, haha) I hope Lash Studio would branch out, North naman please!! :p


  13. The lases of lash salon is realy gorgeous.

  14. I need this. There's a lash salon just right across from where I work and everyday I hear the staff there invite people in, saying (loudly) 'Lash extensions? Ma'am, Sir?' Natatamaan ako eh. haha

  15. I.Want.This! Will definitely try this soon! :)

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