Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Story Behind Wonder Woman's Undercut

Just call me Lil Miss Spontaneous.

A lot of people have been asking me what in the devil's name ever possessed me to shave so much of my hair off (see here). So I figured I'd blog about it.

If there is one woman that I know (though sadly not personally) that I would absolutely kill all of the men in the world to be with, it would be Jess Tran of Jess Loves Fred.

I don't mean to alarm you, but c'mon. Girls are entitled to have girl crushes. Granted, I just said I'd commit genocide for the stunningly gorgeous woman mentioned above, but whatever.

Jess is actually the first blogger that I actually followed online. Ever. I had her bookmarked. I felt depressed whenever she went on a hiatus. And KissKiss (my camera) and I talked about her a lot.

When she got her undercut, I saved a picture right away, kept it on my phone and asked everyone I knew whether I would be able to get away with it myself.

Taken from Jess Loves Fred

Half of them said yes, half of them looked at me like I was a nutcase. Since the first half were all women, I figured they just wanted me to look stupid, so that they could have all of the men to themselves. (Riiiiight. Coz single moms totally have to beat guys away with a stick... not!)

Well, one day, I got eyelash extensions. And one other day, those eyelash extensions started to hurt. (More about that here.) And when I went back to get my eyelashes fixed, the lady at Lash Studio told me to come back in two hours. TWO HOURS. I was standing there with an excruciatingly painful eye - looking creepingly similar to Forest Whitaker, I might add (but much smaller and much more Asian) - and she tells me to come back in TWO HOURS?!??

Pissed off and angry, I head to my secret haven aka Starbucks to cool down. Of course, as I'm walking over there, it starts to rain. And, of course, when I get there, it's packed and there's no place for me to sit.

Frustrated and angry, and feeling more and more like Forest Whitaker on steroids and PMS, I see Bruno's Barbers at the end of Starbucks.

Fifteen minutes later - after threatening the guy at the barber shop to shave it off or I'll turn into The Hulk - I emerge into the sun (of course, the rain stopped!) with a quarter of a shaved head.

And today, I got a red ombre to go with it, too. Boom.

Why red?

Coz, aside from Jess, there are only two other women I would commit genocide for right now:

Rihanna and...

...Delirium of Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels

Please don't judge. :)

If it makes you feel any better, I can part my hair in the middle and still meet your parents and they will never know I have a quarter of a shaved head. It'll be our lil secret. As one of Rihanna's finger tattoos put it: "Shhh..."

The end.


  1. LOL My golly! You had a long day that day kaya pala you decided to shave it off. Pero on a lighter note, I love your new hair on you! I was actually thinking of doing the same thing waaay back pero I'm too chicken to do it. lol.


  2. Hi. I also had undercut hair style when I was in grade six. half of my friends said its cool, half of them said I'm a freak.

  3. It suits you.

    The reason, at least for me, why you can pull it off is the contrast of your demure face and the strong-ness of the haircut. Same goes with Jess and Rihanna. It's a strong yet feminine look.

    BUT, I don't think this'll work too well with girls na very strong ang facial features or those na androgynous. That's just me.

    At the end of the day, anyone who's happy with and kaya panindigan that haircut are free to go ahead and do it.

    1. oh i actually think it´s the hottest hairtrend that undercut and it looks so gorgous and sexy, rock´n´roll!!! alice dellal, one of my favourite models, also looks just fabulous with her undercut and those pictures of the post proof that the undercut is the best haircut ever;)
      love and kiss,mary

  4. That was cool. So that what girls would look like with an undercut hair. :)

  5. This is so cool!! :) Natawa naman ako dun sa last part ;)

  6. I love Jess Tran! lol, I actually came across your twitter when I was searching (more like stalking) for her name! That's why I knew you had an undercut. :) Parang someone asked you if you were inspired by another blogger forgot who she is then you replied na you don't know her and you were inspired by Jess Tran of jesslovesfred. Haha wala lang ;)

  7. It's your hair, you can do anything you want with it. But I wouldn't do that to my hair though. :)

  8. Now I wonder what other things people can do to their hair when they are pissed. You rock the undercut though. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  9. Angel, thanks for the tip regarding the undercut. I finally got mine. Now I need to get over those stares.. xP

  10. i think it is sexy ....
    anyway there is this thing call "wig" lol..

  11. Jess is a cutie... and I think undercuts are funky. If I were single, I'd probably get it myself (my husband is rather conservative and we often meet with his employees so I need to look Mrs. Conservative din).

  12. OMG!!! that was an amazing story! :D woooow!! i'm speechless! you cut your hair in a snap of a finger! one courageous girl there! ;D NICE!

  13. The first haircut is so funky and edgy! :)

  14. Saw your photo after the makeover at Azta sa blog ni Ana, and oh my. You're REALLY pretty, Angel!! :) I've never seen an angel yet na ganyan ka-fierce and beautiful! Love your courage, wish I had the guts to get such kind of hair do (plus the red ombre), ang ganda kasiii. :-O Haha. Can't wait to see you in person for that red hair! ♥


  15. I adore Jess Tran too! haha She writes so well. Sometimes I wish her article just goes on and on and on. :)) About your hair, you really did pull it off! I bet only a few could, so kudos to you!


  16. it's the hair cut the very few could carry and so lucky of you that you look really great on it.

  17. your new hair style really suits you..excited to see your ombre hair :)

  18. and here i am thinking nagpaundercut ka bec of The Voice Lindsey Pavao! :D

  19. this takes a lot of courage though, but its always good to try something new! your hair made you look like a fighter! Xoxo :*

  20. I freaking LOVE it. I have always been for something a bit more edgy...

  21. ive wanted this for so loong talaga i feel so much better that someone wants it the same way!:) bdw mother, paano maintenance nyan?:)