Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bloggers' Blowout - Movie Bloggers Unite

My love for movies is definitely genetic and began at an early age, when my dad shoved movies like Hannah and Her Sisters and Somewhere in Time onto my lap at the tender age of 4. When kids my age were watching Ducktales and Pinky and the Brain, I was locked up in my room watching Pretty Woman and Star Wars.

So, it only makes sense that I got very excited (and couldn't shut up about it) when I was chosen to be a part of the very first Bloggers' Blowout hosted by Astroplus and OrangeMagazineTV at Astrovision in Greenbelt 5 yesterday.

the Astrovision branch at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5

the registration booth

Although the movie bloggers' event was actually scheduled for 3:30pm, I got there much earlier - which is a good thing because I was able to listen in on the music bloggers' event, eat some awesome free food and get jealous when people won signed Maroon 5 CDs. I also met Jamie Ortega of Manila Concerts Scene. (If you don't follow MCS on Twitter, Tumblr or Blogspot, then you need to do that now.)

free food

the line never dwindled

The movie bloggers' event started with a short talk by Magnavision who showed us trailers of their latest movies and gave us a run-down of the release dates of some of their upcoming DVDs.

Some titles I personally can't wait to own include "Thor" (September 13), "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II" (the date is a secret and only known to those who went to event :p), and "Crazy Stupid Love" (December 17) which I still haven't seen!!! :(

the Magnavision speakers

We were then given a free DVD in an envelope and since I threw a mini-tantrum for getting "Battle Los Angeles" yet saw someone else get "Green Hornet", Jamie swapped with me. Yay! I love "Green Hornet"! Haha. ...I'm so spoiled.

C-Interactive is more famously known to release horror titles - a genre I'm personally not fond of - but they are now branching out to other genres, as well, such as romantic comedies ("Letters to Juliet") and children's movies ("AstroBoy"). They are also very aggressive when it comes to getting new titles in 3D and in Bluray, so if you're awesome enough to have that technology at home, then check out their titles here.

the speaker for C-Interactive

C-Interactive also gave us each a DVD and, to be honest, I had no idea which one to pick: "Limitless" or "Source Code". I LOVE THEM BOTH! I ended up choosing "Source Code", though. After all, Jake Gyllenhaal almost made it into my #20peopleidmarry post and what kind of almost-wife would I be if I didn't choose his movie, right?

Ended up having a heated discussion with Jamie on whether "Limitless" was good or not after that (she didn't like it) and that's when we met another movie blogger, Rey Belen.

While waiting for Viva Video to get the technical stuff done, we were also treated to a free trial of LG's awesome new 3D TV glasses. More on that in another post, but here we are wearing the glasses:



Wonder Woman

Personally, what I am most excited about is Viva Video's DVD release of "Fright Night". I know the movie's not even out in the cinemas yet, but the 1985 version was one of the movies my dad shoved onto my lap when I was a kid and I can't wait to see the new one in 3 days or get my hands on the DVD. Rawr.

We were also treated to a short showing of various Fox and WB trailers and it was the first time I saw the trailer to "What's Your Number?" with Anna Faris and Chris Evans. It looks hilarious! Can't wait to see it. Anna Faris never lets me down.

We were also told about a super secret Harry Potter event that's coming up soon. Wait for that. Overall, the event was a lot of fun. Will post DVD reviews on the DVDs that I got during the event when I get the chance. :)

Hope you guys had a good weekend! I know I did. :) A special thank you to the following:


  1. i lovee movies too :)

  2. Sayang! I was supposed to sign up to this event but this falls before my birthday. So personal life first muna. Sayang. I couldve picked the movie bloggers din sana. :))

  3. Wow! Great event! Thanks for sharing! =)