Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yellow Polka Dot Nails

I've never been much of a nail art person. Mostly because I never had the guts to don nail art on my nails and also because I never knew how to do it myself (I don't like nail spas, either). So, when I came across Kat's nail art tutorials on her blog, I bookmarked them right away with hopes that I would one day brave the world of nail art.

I am now proud to say that that day has come. Here are my nails modeled after Kat's Green and Yellow Polka dot Nails Tutorial:

Okay, okay. I know this doesn't look anything like her tutorial. For one, I only used yellow nailpolish. But that's because yellow is my favorite color and I'm a noob in the nail art world, so I wasn't adventurous enough to try dual colors on my nails yet.

And secondly, my dots are small and random and purple as opposed to pretty and OC and white, but I figured I'd put some 'me' into it and make it my own a little bit. I've been getting a lot of compliments on them here in Ireland! What do you think? :)

Also, do you have any easy nail art tutorials to recommend? Please share! :)


  1. aaaw. its rare for me to sport a nail art but ill definitely get one. and is that a real tattoo? what does it mean?:)

  2. They came out really nice! I also have trouble with nail art; i can do it on my sister and they come out really nice, but when i have to do it on my own nails, it fails... >.<