Monday, September 12, 2011

Restaurant to Visit: Papa John's Pizza in BF Homes

Although I don't live in BF Homes anymore, I spend quite a bit of time there, dropping my daughter off at my parents' house once a week, so they can spend time with her and I can spend alone time with the baby daddy.

That's why I was absolutely delighted when my friend Japs Sergio tweeted about Papa John's replacing Greenwich over at President's Avenue (next to Conti's, near Starbucks and Tropical Hut). I had read in Cosmo that they have the healthiest pizza in town and with me being a low-calorie buff, I knew I just had to try it.

The first time I was going to try it, I got sidetracked when I saw Army Navy and suddenly craved a burrito, but around two weeks back, Henry and I finally got around to it after shopping at Manels and dropping Syrena off.

Papa John's is an American pizza chain that serves yummy appetizers and pizza pies in all flavors and sizes. It also has a ton of other franchises worldwide, which you will be able to tell the minute you step into the restaurant and see the flags by the cashier. Apparently, it is the third biggest pizza company in the world! Here's what we ordered:

Pink Grapefruit Italian Soda at Php69
(left: unmixed version, right: mixed version)

I was originally going to stick with water when Henry pointed this out on the menu. And since I'm a sucker for cherries and pink drinks, I just had to try it out. To my surprise, it wasn't sour like most grapefruit drinks are. It was really sweet and delightfully yummy. Must try!

Cream of Mushroom Soup at Php49

I love soups and salads - possibly even more than the actual meals - and this soup was delicious. It didn't just have croutons in it, but mushroom bits, as well. Plus, it had the perfect texture to it: not too creamy, not too watery.

Jr. Papa Chicken BBQ Pizza at Php150

Like I said, I don't really eat much anymore and Henry had just fed his face with appetizers that I didn't even have time to take pictures off coz they were gone so quickly, so we opted for the tiniest pizza available.

Fortunately, Papa John's has these itty bitty pizzas that are perfect for people like me. :) With only four slices and at such a low price, you can even order all of the Jr. Papa pizzas on the menu and get a taste of different pizzas if you want.

The Jr. Papa version is only available for Chicken BBQ, Hawaiian, Pepperoni and Simply Cheese, though. Other pizza sizes at Papa John's include small (9 slices, price range Php250-350), medium (12 slices, price range Php350-450) and large (Php450-550).

The best part about Papa John's pizzas would definitely be their pizza dough, though. There's just something about it that makes the pizza really soft and flavorful and you won't get too full or too sick of it even after a couple of slices.

Other items to try: Chicken and Mushroom Calzone at Php160 and Chicken Strips at Php169 (4 pcs).

Yes, I am definitely glad that Papa John's has come to the South. And, since there don't seem to be a lot of pizza lovers down South, the place isn't too full and they live by my favorite pizza place credo, too: always have booths available for people who like their personal space. :)

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect restaurant, though. The problem with Papa John's? Their delivery service. We ordered pizza from them yesterday and their delivery charge was 10% of the total orders! That was Php91 for us! 91 pesos to get pizza delivered? Seriously? You need to change that, Papa John's. We'll definitely order your pizza from home many more times if you do something about that.

For more information on Papa John's, visit their website today. :)


  1. My friend told me regarding this. It unquestionably arrange your pizza from home numerous more circumstances in the event that you take care of that.

  2. Though i have not tried Papa john's pizza but it looks tasty and juicy with lots of cheese.And this sauce its an additional thing which no other restaurant offers.