Sunday, September 4, 2011 Look: Star-Studded

My daughter's pediatrician is a very fashionable lady and, sometimes, when we go to the hospital and I'm wearing nice shoes, she compliments me and ends up giving us free vitamins, Cetaphil, or even a discount on the month's immunization.

So, naturally, I always make it a point to wear things that will stand out and wow her whenever I go... I mean, c'mon - who doesn't like freebies and discounts? And do you know how expensive baby doctor's visits are? :p

Anyway, this is what I decided to wear on our last visit:

green skirt from Marc Jacobs

blue star top from eBay

feather earrings from eBay

boombox ring from House of Anagon

salmon pink star bag from Manica

snakeskin flats from Parisian

I figured my star bag from Manica would be the key item to wowing her that day, but she fell in love with my feather earrings instead. Free vitamins. Woohoo!

And oh, can you believe I got those flats for only 200 pesos? There's a huge warehouse sale in SM Sucat in Building 2 where everything is super cheap. I also got little minion figurines from Despicable Me there (Syrena's favorite movie) for 50 pesos and a Harry Potter Gryffindor robe for her for only 100 pesos. Awesome, huh?

Have you guys ever unexpectedly stumbled upon ultra cheap stuff somewhere? Please share! :)