Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dia Dhuit from Galway, Ireland!

Look at me: finding time to blog and all. :)

Let me just start off by saying that Ireland is a beautiful place. I am in love with everything here and the people are extremely nice. I get at least ten compliments a day for the most random things: for my nails (thanks to Kat), my peacock ring (thanks to Mitch), and my being Asian, in general. Of course, being the only Asian in Galway helps, I guess. :p

To say that I'm in love with this country is definitely an understatement. In fact, if I didn't have a little girl back home, I might even extend my visit. I am in love with the stone architecture. I am in love with the sights. I am in love with the Irish accents. And I am in love with Gaelic (especially due to its similarities to Sindarin).

(Click on the photos for a better look.)

A taste of the Gaelic language.

The view from our hotel room at Jurys Inn.

The cliffs of Aran Islands.

Me in my 9083519305 layers of clothing.

Even their graveyards are beautiful.

Even their cows are friendly. :p

You can't see it clearly, but there are people trying to surf in the 7 degree Celsius water!

I have only been here five days and I already act like a native. I know where to get the cheapest food deals, where to find the best Asian noodles, where to get great fast food after a drunken night out, where to get the cheapest Baby Guinness', where to get the cheapest Jägerbombs, where to find a mechanical bull, where to meet the tourists, where to meet the natives, and I have even learned how to speak basic Gaelic.

J using the pub's free Wi-Fi and Henry drinking Guinness.

Hot Bailey's is to die for.
Irish coffee is good, too, though. It tastes like Tiramisu.

Keagon and me. We met at the Galway Pub Crawl.

The best Fish and Chips in town: Harry Fitz.

Granted, I'm not very fond of having to shed five layers and put five layers back on every time I go indoors and outdoors, and getting rained on is only funny for the first few days, but I reckon if you come here during the summer, it would be the best experience ever. :)

And, oh, fly Etihad. It has the most selections of TV series, movies and music that I have ever seen on the plane. Perfect for long flights. :) (Plus, it's got that Sex and the City 2 feel to it.)

How are you guys all doing? :)