Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ireland vs. Manila

So, I am currently at Abu Dhabi international airport on a 7-hour(!!!) stopover on my way back to Manila from my short yet seemingly never-ending Ireland trip. I know: that sounds like an oxymoron; but, hey, there's only so much of rain and coldness and walking I can take.

As beautiful as everything was in Ireland and as nice as it was to bundle up and be in the cold and snuggle in the sheets and actually get drunk without having to worry about being home early, it got old pretty soon for me.

See, whenever I got the chance to go online on the bus's and airports' Wi-Fi (like now) and saw my friends' updates, my little girl's pictures and all of the awesome events and sales I was missing in Manila, all I could think was "I can't wait to get back home".

I guess Manila really has become my home now. I did enjoy Galway and Culture Night in Dublin immensely (free entrance to every big museum and touristy spot) - especially since I got to see the cliffs from Leap Year, hump David Bowie's leg, learn about leprechauns and fairies, and meet Gollum in person (pictures on that soon).

However, I wouldn't want to stay there for too long. I belong with my lil girl, the baby daddy, cheap clothes, cheap shoes, cheap movies, shorts, sunshine and tank tops, I've decided. I just wouldn't trade Manila for the world right now, even if that meant running into Colin Farrell in Dublin someday.

Looks like I've finally become a real Pinay. My dad would be so proud. :p

Anyway, just a few more hours and I'll be home, sweet, home - and I'll be blogging properly again. I promise. :)

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