Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD: Thor

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Is anyone else excited for "Thor" to come out on Blu Ray and DVD? I know I am. :)

In case you didn't know yet, "Thor" is based on the Marvel comic book character Thor (Chris Hemsworth) - a Norse god who is strong and powerful, but also incredibly arrogant. In fact, because of the consequences of his arrogant actions, his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) banishes him from their realm and sends him to Earth. There, he meets Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who tries to make light of Thor's strange ways and his sudden appearance on Earth while a villain from Thor's own realm sends dark forces his way to thwart his return.

From the very first time I watched "Thor" in the cinemas, I was blown away. Superhero movies are usually a hit or miss for me and "Thor" definitely did not disappoint. Not only was it funny, entertaining and action-packed, but the cast was well-chosen, the effects were stunning, and Kenneth Branagh directed the whole thing with panache. Two thumbs up, in my opinion!

That is why I can't wait for Magnavision to release the DVD on September 13. I'm especially excited to see the special features of this movie. Apparently, the DVD features will include behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the director and the cast, an in-depth look into the magnificent sets and the making of the Frost Giants, an original short film and - OMG - 11 deleted scenes, plus a sneak peek at the upcoming Avengers movie! (See the full trailer of the DVD here.)

So, if you're a comic book geek who enjoyed Thor on the big screen as much as I did (I enjoyed it so much, I have to resist the urge to smash my glass after a good drink on a regular basis), then you definitely need to add this DVD to your collection.

The best part is that it will be available in every Astroplus branch in several formats: 1-disc DVD for Php799, 1-disc BD for Php1,700, and 2-disc 3D BD + 2D BD Combo Set for Php2,300.

Thanks to the Astroplus, OrangeMagazineTV and LG for sharing this info at the first Bloggers' Blowout at Astrovision, Greenbelt 5.

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