Saturday, September 10, 2011

Smart Netphone Launch FAIL.

Sorry about this, but I need to vent.

Sooo... Before getting ready to go to the Smart Netphone Launch at Republiq tonight, I helped Henry pack his things for Ireland since he was leaving tonight. And since I'm going to Ireland in 4 days myself, I decided to start packing some of my things, too - including my diplomatic and American passports (my only IDs at the moment).

When we finally got to Republiq, it hit me: I don't have an ID with me! Ava tried to assure me that they're not that strict if it's a private event, so when Vern gave me my ticket, I practically skipped to the entrance when *dun dun dunnn* the lady wouldn't let me in. She. Would not. Let me in. Apparently, I look 16. Really?!?? FAIL. Fail, Angel, fail!!! :(

My ticket gone to waste... :(
(I still want a Smart Netphone, though.)

Anyway, instead of forcing the issue like the old me would have, I decided to just let it go, see Henry off and head home to get the house ready for the renovations tomorrow. I figured that is what God wants me to do. See, back in the day, whenever I forced something that clearly wasn't supposed to happen, drastic results would come about. Case in point: the last time I got a tattoo. But I'll save that story for another time.

The good news is that I got to see Ava while I was waiting for Vern outside Republiq and I also got to meet Earth, Tatie and Vern for the first time. Don't have pictures with Tatie and Vern, though. Next time! ...When I'm not too busy being such a failure. Lol.

Earth, Ava and Me
(Outfit post will come up soon.)

The worst part is that I got an a-hole of a taxi driver on the way home who stopped in the middle of the skyway and told me to get out unless I agreed to pay him Php500 upfront. True story. I was alone in the cab, mind you, so I forked up the money. Totally calling the complaint hotline tomorrow, though. No worries.

The whole night has just been a major fail. *sigh* Can't wait to go to Ireland in 4 days now. Will have to live vicariously through your blogs about the event, bloggers. Don't make it sound too good, please! x


  1. argh! i just hate taxi drivers in manila!

  2. nice meeting you angel!
    grabe naman yung cab driver. that's why I hate taking cabs at nights especially when I'm alone :(

  3. Awwwww~ Sorry to hear about that. I was there last night too with my college barkada. =)

  4. sorry to hear really need to file a complaint!

  5. OMG NAGULAT AKO SA CAB DRIVER! And sa skyway pa nag skandalo omg I wouldnt know what to do if ako yun, and what if I dont have cash with me!? Hay! :P
    Sayang I wasnt able to see you! And thank you for your comment in my blog! I super appreciate it! Isipin mo nalang, atleast you look young for your age? Haha, kidding aside, good things will come for us soon..Have fun on your euro trip! :D