Monday, September 5, 2011

Upcoming Movie Alert: Abduction

No, despite its title, this movie isn't about aliens. And, no, despite its cast, this movie isn't about werewolves and vampires or two Taylors getting their freak on at the school's football field.

No, Abduction is a thriller about a high school student who discovers that his recently murdered parents aren't actually his real parents. *dun dun dun dunnn*

No, seriously. This movie looks pretty good (and this coming from a chick who abhors Twilight). Just check out the trailer:

Okay, so I said I don't like Twilight, but I do like muscles on men. And, although Taylor has just barely made it into the "men" category recently, he does look pretty fine when he's punching and kicking stuff, huh?

I'm actually quite interested in seeing him in a more serious role (no, being a werewolf and crushing on some emo chick doesn't count as serious). Don't you want to see this, too, now? Admit ittt! :)

Abduction is set to show in Manila on September 21.


  1. Thanks for sharing the flick.

    Unfortunately, I'm down with the flu and won't be able to join you guys tom. I already emialed pax so that she can give my slot to someone else on the list who likes to go as much as I do. Bummer talaga... my fever might worsen if i push myself to get out tom. Enjoy the event!