Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hello, SeptemBER!

Now if only the 'ber' would actually make a difference in this country...

Anyway, it's September 1, guys - woohoo! - and the day started off GREAT!

First of all, I found out this morning that I made it into the guest list for the Bloggers Blowout this Saturday - an event that I really wanted to go to.

Basically, it's a special event for music bloggers, movie bloggers and gadget bloggers where we can learn the latest in our respective niche (mine's movies, in case you haven't noticed).

Apparently, the event is super exclusive. The invite explicitly told us - in bold and caps locked (no joke!) - not to bring any companions and that gatecrashers aren't allowed. So, that explains why I haven't asked anyone to be my plus one. It'll be a lonely day for me - and yet oh-so-awesome at the same time. Haha. If any of my fellow movie bloggers are reading this, though, wanna have coffee or lunch before the event? Would love to meet you! :)

Second of all, I found out that I won a blog giveaway today, too! That's right. Last month, I joined Mars' giveaway for the following prizes:

And I won! Yay! Can't wait to try the body butter. Or at least tote it around with me everywhere I go. The packaging is far too cute for words! Thanks, Mars! :)

Not everything is sunshine and daisies, though. The doctors still have no idea what's wrong with S, but have (thankfully) ruled out dengue.

Also, because of the Bloggers' Blowout, I won't be able to meet Kai at the beauty expo in Megamall like I wanted to. (Find out more about the expo from Kai's post.) Raincheck? :)


  1. hey tnx for the visit :) would love to get updated in movies since you blog about it :)) please do follow me back, and am excited for your giveaway. thank you :)

  2. wow! i commend you for being invited to attend that super exclusive event..not everybody gets that opportunity.enjoy!

  3. Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Unfortunately I wasnt able to go sa Bloggers Blowout kanina becoz of work. But i'd love to meet up with fellow movie bloggers too! here's my blog this is were i post my movies blogs and reviews :)