Friday, September 30, 2011

How My New Blackberry Cured My Jetlag

True story.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you should know by now that I've been suffering from jet lag ever since I got back from Ireland (read: tweets at 4am, complaints here and there, etc.). Well, it's gone! I am cured! HALLELUJAH!

And all thanks to my new Blackberry Curve 9300, Troy. :) (Yes, I named my new BB after Zac Efron in High School Musical. Stop laughing.)

Anyway, ever since I got back from Ireland, I couldn't help but fall asleep during Syrena's afternoon nap. After all, that was around 6am in Ireland - and what mother can stay awake until 6am without a good reason for it, right? So, by the time S woke up and it was actually time for bed in Manila, I could never fall asleep.

Well, yesterday, after buying a cute rubber cassette-themed case for Troy, I decided to activate BBMAX for a day and download all of the interesting free apps I could find - and there were a lot. They even had apps for babies that teach kids their first words - CON. VE. NIENT.

I swear: I don't even remember why I switched to a Nokia after my brother's hand-me-down Blackberry died on me. Blackberries are the way to go.

Before I knew it, Syrena and I were lying in bed playing with the baby apps for hours and it was getting dark outside. Boom. Jet lag cured! :)

Moral of the story? Join a Closeup Philippines contest before going on a long trip to Europe. Good things will happen when you get back. ;)


  1. haha cool :D i had a similar thing when i came back from the U.s With my new camera lense ;)

  2. where'd you get your cassette themed bb 9300 case? i'm getting the same bb from globe. :)