Monday, September 5, 2011

The Wonders of Pond's Age Miracle Products

If you read my post on the Lancome Beauty Workshop, then you must remember me saying that my skin's firmness is above excellent, according to Lancome's skin testing machine.

Well, unfortunately, it isn't Lancome that I have to thank for that, but Pond's.

When I moved back to the Philippines last year, I read in Cosmo that young women in their twenties should start a skin care regimen as early as now in order to prevent the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and saggy skin. Among one of the products featured in the magazine was Pond's Age Miracle Overnight Repair Dream.


Pond's Age Miracle Overnight Repair Dream is applied every night to replenish skin and battle fine lines. At P649, it really is a steal since it can last up to two years from its manufacturing date. (Just make sure you check the expiration date before you buy one. Anyway, you'll be able to smell the difference once it goes off - trust me.)

I have been using this cream every night for a year now and, although I never had proof before, Lancome's skin test has proven that it really does work. Plus, it smells really good (my boyfriend loves smelling it on me when he kisses me good night) and it doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all when I put it on.

Other Pond's products in the Age Miracle series that you can try out include:

P120 for 10ml, P349 for 30ml, P599 for 50ml

Pond's Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream, which protects skin from the harsh rays of the sun and can effectively battle ages spots and lines in only 1 week.


Pond's Age Miracle Daily Regenerating Facial Foam, which uses micro beads to gently regenerate your skin.


Pond's Age Miracle Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer, which repairs and protects the skin while leaving a natural, luminous finish. (This is available in Rosy Beige and Ivory White to suit anyone's complexion.)


Pond's Age Miracle Concentrated Resurfacing Serum, which can effectively fight age spots and wrinkles.


Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy targets aging signs around the eyes. Since this cream contains collagen, it can reduce the appearance of crow's feet and fine lines and since it contents chamomile, it can help brighten up dark circles under the eyes and reduce puffiness at the same time. Will be trying this one out next!

As you can see, Pond's is right. There definitely is a Pond's product for you.

Do you use any anti-aging products that have proven to be highly effective? Tell me about it! :)

All photos taken from Pond's Philippines.


  1. Where should i get all ponds age miracle produts in Pakistan (Karachi)????

  2. Ponds is the leading company who make skin care products which is best ever in whole world.I like ponds products so much.
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  3. Lol, I genuinely thought this was a page for a new wonder woman movie trailer.
    Turns out you advertise the best anti aging products Philippines. Took a wrong turn, but it's funny so I decided to comment hahaha

  4. Wow, I did not know I should actually have started using the age miracle since my 20s and now I'm 34 I have been using ponds flawless since 2004. Will now buy the age miracle month end.

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