Monday, September 26, 2011

My First Day Back

My first day back didn't start out too well.

First of all, I was jetlagged like no other and while Henry and Syrena were both snoring their brains out next to me, I decided to go online - just to find out that Sun had terminated my account because I had gotten a bill while I was away and hadn't paid for it yet. So, I ended up cleaning up the house.

Then, in the morning - still not feeling sleepy since it was only night time in Ireland - I went through a much-needed laundry session, only to be greeted by rain, rain and more rain.

When I finally did get to sleep, Syrena woke up. So I decided to get some errands done and bring Syrena with me. While walking to get a jeep, it started pouring like never before. And that's when I realized that there was probably another typhoon going on.

After a whole day of running errands - picking up my ASOS orders at the post office, trying to send off clothes that I sold through Air21 (the closest one of which is closed now, btw, so that was a waste), paying for my Sun bill and reactivating my USB drive, doing grocery shopping and oh, having a late, late lunch - I ended up back home around 7p.m. With Internet.

That's when I discovered I had won two awesome things:

The first thing that I won was a colorful mug from Stabilo Boss - something that I got just by playing one of their fun games several months ago. This automatically gives me the chance to win a trip to Misibis Bay Resort, too.

The second thing that I won was… A BLACKBERRY CURVE 9300 from Closeup Philippines. No joke.

This just goes to show that geekiness does have its perks. ;)

So… who wants to buy my perfectly decent Nokia N97 Mini? :p Oh, and it's the last few days for my giveaway. Don't forget to join and double-check your entries! :)