Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September, You've Been Good to Me.

Two thumbs up for you so far, September! Just one week in and it's been beyond awesome so far.

Aside from the movie bloggers' event and the giveaway that I won from Mars, I have more good news. First of all, I won another giveaway - this time from Manila Fashion Observer (MFO):

Wonder Woman! That's me! :) I was actually really hoping to win the goodies that included Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, but S is going to love her fairy Tee Hee shirt to bits. I chose the shirt on the right for her:

Cute, huh? I wish I had something like that when I was a kid. And secondly:

That's right. Pax picked me to attend the Mango fashion event tonight. Can you believe it? The theme is Luxe Grunge, and if you follow Ava and Keigh on Twitter, you must have heard about this by now. If you have no clue what Luxe Grunge is - and I really don't blame you - then go on and read Ava's post or Sarah's post about it. :)

I admit I did my fair share of Googling when I found out I was chosen to go, and I'm really happy I did because all I could think about at first was channeling my inner Taylor Momsen... But apparently, that would have been the wrong move. Especially since "Luxe" is short for "Luxury". Boom.

In the end, I opted for a girly grunge look and since grunge equals Nirvana and it's the 20th anniversary of their Nevermind album, I will be rocking my Nirvana earrings tonight, too.

I was a little sad to have to eliminate my Taylor Momsen-inspired ripped leather pants from the mix, though, so I'm going to channel some leather through my jacket instead. Will post a picture of the completed look tomorrow, so you can see. :)

The happy news is that my too-hot-for-Manila outfits have made it into my suitcase and will be worn during my Ireland trip. Yes, I will be channeling Luxe Grunge in Europe, too. I just love this style to bits now!

Is anyone else going to the MNG event tonight? Let me know! :)

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