Monday, September 5, 2011

Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

Maybe it's because I've been working online for so long that I've forgotten how horrible non-virtual bosses can be, but somehow, "Horrible Bosses" simply didn't appeal to me. Which is a shame. Because I love Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey and, of course, Colin Farrell (who seems to be making a comeback this month).

In a sentence, this movie is about three friends who hate their bosses and thus decide to murder them.

Kevin Spacey plays David Harken, the "crazy psycho boss", who makes Nick Hendricks (Jason Bateman) work practically 24 hours a day. He even goes so far as to call him out when he's a mere minute late for work, steals his promotion and then blackmails him so that he can't quit.
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Jennifer Aniston, who I must say looks pretty darned good in this, plays Dr. Julia Harris, a dentist who is - how do I put this lightly? - sort of a crazy nymphomaniac. She's the "touchy feely boss" who tries to get her dental hygienist Dale Arbus (Charlie Day) to sleep with her after he gets engaged. Since she knows that Dale is on a pesky list of child offenders, he can't quit.
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Colin Farrell plays Bobby Pellitt, the "completely incompetent boss" of Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis). Kurt actually originally liked his job and his boss. Unfortunately, his boss died and his coked-up, psychopathic son took over. Since Kurt knows what a bad state the economy is currently in, though, he realizes he can't quit, either.

So, what do these guys do? Well, while getting drunk one night and hypothetically talking about how great it would be to not have their bosses around anymore, they decide that they want to kill all of their bosses and try to get Jamie Foxx (aka Motherfucker Jones in the movie - haha?) to do the job for them.

What bothers me about this movie... Well, first of all... And this can't just be me... The bosses are all too extreme. I realize this is supposed to be a comedy, but I want my comedies to at least be realistic. This pretty much explains why I hate most Will Ferrell movies, really.

Second of all, I hated the dialogue. I didn't find it funny at all. I didn't even find "Motherfucker Jones" funny. Though I realized I really should have. And Colin Farrell isn't even attractive in it. Really? You couldn't at least give me that?

I don't know... Unless you plan on watching this movie after smoking a couple of joints or unless you love moronic Will Ferrell-like movies, I'd give this movie a complete miss.

Rating: 1 star out of 5.

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